wanderlust: venice beach retreat

we’ve found ourselves with a head over heels design crush on this venice beach home. while we must admit, we could not personally live in this home full time, we sure could spend some breezy, relaxing weekends here with good friends! as you drive down westminster ave in venice beach, you would probably drive right past this home. you might think ‘that is an interesting looking warehouse front’ and never think twice. we were just as pleasantly surprised by the incredible interior of this home as you will be. immediately struck by the eastern influences in the design of this home, paired with the raw, simple materials, this home is beyond intriguing. those gorgeous wood beam ceilings sheltering the beautiful, moorish details of every room make you completely forget the immense amount of concrete. the high walls surrounding this overly open home with a small river-like pool throughout, make you feel as if you are completely removed from the outside world. comfortable to roam about in the open air and sunshine without a worry. when you remember, that you are a few short blocks to abbot kinney, and a quick bike ride away from the beach. all the privacy you want, with all of the conveniences you need. sure is a great alternative to that sought after malibu home. and hey, there is a wonderfully bright and large studio to work in as well, because we have a feeling it might be pretty tough to leave this place!

all images via postrain productions

wanderlust: beldi country club marrakesh

someone pinch us because we must be dreaming! how perfectly dreamy is the beldi country club?  we must have been moroccan in our past lives because we are so drawn to the design and style of this hotel. surrounded by a sea of olive trees and rose gardens, this rustic eco-friendly retreat feels miles away from the center of town but in reality is only about 6 kilometers away. with a total of 28 rooms, this retreat just oozes that unpretentious, intimate vibe we crave whenever we go on vacation. and the fact that the hotel is located a mere 10 minutes from the airport is definitely an added bonus (as if we needed any more convincing). long story short, you know where to find us on our next travel adventure!



via beldi country club

inspired by this dreamy destination, we thought it would be fun to show you how you could get the beldi country club rustic moroccan look in your home:1. handwoven wool moroccan carpet, $5,000

2. antiqued moroccan mirror, $259

3. vintage brass lantern, $895

4. warda tea glasses, $42

5. blue drip glaze bowl, $130

6. olive tabletop topiary, $94.95

7. tam tam wood stool, $448

8. middle eastern brass tray table, $1,850

9. kufi calligraphy door, $1,200