our week

this week has been exciting at the kpi offices! we are finally bringing on board another design assistant to keep up with so many new projects. we might just grow right out of this office! time for kp to get serious about the backyard pool office she kind of promised us. we’re the creative kind, we’re more productive in natural surroundings, right? well until then, we’re enjoying our brick and mortar set up and being surrounded by the awesome vintage home goods in rummage. which by the way, hosts regular flash sales for you to snag up some of our fave pieces for a crazy good price! follow them on instagram and twitter to keep up!

speaking of keeping up, we didn’t even tell you we just completed two projects! one is los feliz and another in west hollywood. two very different projects, but both turned out so incredible, we cannot wait to share. photoshoots happening soon! on a sad note for the week, our little gus man had to undergo the inevitable manhood surgery this week. don’t worry, he is spoiled enough so we know kp is taking extra special care of little man! in the meantime, we’ve been busy collecting some of our fave links for the week to share with you! as always, be sure to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for great links and updates throughout the week!

cheers to a wonderful weekend full of fresh spring flowers! – dh

little man, big cone! poor gus after his surgery. we’re just glad it all went well and he’s doing great!


this daybed for pups is just adorable! talk about working a pet’s comfort into your home design!

it is spring and we’re in full flower mode these days! from sunday plant shopping for the yard, to dining table arrangements. we’re loving inspiration like this!

we love black and brass bathrooms these days. we also love that this hotel was daring enough to go for it!

did everybody else see this table floating around the internet this week? love the unexpected mix and design!

sometimes there is a quote that really is so simple, and spot on! we don’t think you lose the fear, but you certainly learn how to push it aside!

spotted in the nytimes last week is a new animal show on pbs that is certainly one of a kind! will you be watching?

coffee lovers and gluten-free consumers unite! we are extremely excited to try this out.

hot off the press: the animal print shop

this might be kp’s most adorable press feature yet! plus, it is the pug packs first official press feature! they are pretty excited for you to see their professional photos snapped by our dear friend, sharon montrose. not only is sharon a wonderful friend, but she is an incredibly talented photographer, with an emphasis on animal photography! we are so honored to be selected for her first installment in a new series on her blog, ‘pets and their people‘. you may remember a peek of her work when we featured her book, menagrie, on our blog this past fall. if you are not familiar with her or her work, you must stop by the animal print shop and check her out. prepare for truly awe inspiring cuteness.

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be sure to check out the full blog feature here!

our week

this week was a calm one to end the month! we were all grateful to catch our breath and start working on some new projects. we also got to spend some time gearing up for valentine’s day and we have two lover’s day gift guides coming your way next week! with love in the air, the pressure was on the last solo lady in the office to look into tinder. she said ‘look into’ so no commitments yet! kp continues to unpack in her new home as the rest of the staff gets a first hand understanding of the collecting (hoarding) tendencies of a true vintage lover. she is buried in boxes to say the least! unfortunately, our pug pups got a little too rough with their usual wrestling and birdie punctured our little gus man’s eyeball! all is well, but it was quite the scare. with a calmer week and being on the hunt for the best gifts for your lovers, we came across some great finds to share with you this week! as always, be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up with us all week!

enjoy your weekend – dh

it doesn’t matter how long your day is, to come home to this washes it all away!

vintage rugs are generally a little awkwardly sized, so layering them is not only pretty, but often necessary! see a great example here

someone fell in love with this dark and moody wallpaper. we’re predicting a bathroom makeover soon!

you still have time to snag this week’s flash sale at rummage! be sure to follow rummage on twitter and facebook for weekly flash sales you cannot miss!

these works of art are incredibly unique and jaw-dropping gorgeous. any one of them would serve as a serious source of color inspiration for a room.

well, we love gin and who doesn’t love prosecco? we’re confirming this recipe as our new favorite cocktail and re-naming it ‘perfect’

now this photo is just about as sweet as they come and we cannot get enough!

we love this round up of vintage inspired bar carts with sizes and styles for almost any home! have you added a bar cart to your home decor?

this tumblr may be the most beautifully curated collection we have come across yet. such a wonderful place to pull inspiration.

there was something about these playful planters that caught our eye. we imagine someone out there needs this for valentine’s day!

this is pretty much the dream life for many of us! we love this gypsy tarot wagon and need to make a visit!

we still love this adorable balloon night light and the whimsical addition it would be in a child’s room

someone has to have this spoon for their father for valentine’s day! she swears he is grumpy until he eats his morning cereal!

our week

some weeks we feel as if the weekend will never arrive, while this week we are wondering where the time went! this week has been such a wonderful one that we cannot complain for one second. we were able to shoot two completed projects back to back days; one in the palisades and the other in los feliz. this means a trip to the flower mart downtown and a days worth of creating beautiful floral arrangements! the ladies at the kpi office love just about any creative outlet and it is a nice way to mix up the week – working with beautiful flowers and all! we were also able to spend these two full days with our favorite, incredibly talented photographer, joe schmelzer! on another exciting note, rummage is sending off two of our favorite chairs to a new owner and we will soon be seeing them in a magazine feature! we will be sharing once it comes out, of course. we are all looking forward to a weekend full of slightly cooler temps to enjoy the outdoors! kp will continue unpacking while some of us plan to visit one of the many, many museum exhibits on our list right now. be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep us with us throughout the week!

does this photo even need a caption? i mean…those head tilts.


these guest posts by jealous curator are too funny, we love the idea!

we told you our museum visit list is getting long, our priority must sees our here, here, and here

we just cannot get enough of this song this week, love her voice and makes us giggle

if you have plenty of time for some serious wanderlust and adoration of this beautiful photography, please enjoy this post

yes, we have three pups to swoon over all week, but this little sweetheart (who has yet to grow into those paws) just melted our hearts

never crossed our minds to wonder what the interior of a bullet looks like, but these photographs are incredible

spotted this feature of one of our favorites, mister finch, in one of our favorite magazines! if you don’t know his work, you need to check him out here

speaking of art, kp discussed art and everyday life recently with artspace magazine. great tips if you’re on the hunt!

we’re obsessed with these gorgeous tiles! just installed a floor to ceiling backsplash wall of the ‘asal’ that we cannot wait to show you photographs of!