aesthetically speaking: seeing swirls

interior design is of course our first love, but we still draw plenty of our inspiration from fashion trends and read our monthly copy of vogue! while this month’s issue had plenty of inspiration, our attention was focused on alexander wang’s debut with balenciaga. of course, already a big deal to begin with, but what really caught our eye was that his debut collection was inspired by marbled patterns. the use of  marbleized patterns has been interpreted as a tribute to the monolithic legacy of the house, and the recognized sculptural quality of balenciaga’s clothing. wang himself described the use of marble as a static contrast, such as statues, to the forward swung movement of balenciaga’s clothing. it was first shown in a backless dress which poured open from either side revealing a marblesque lining. then in full printed blazers, dresses, fur jackets, and even lace pants. it was all incredible.


alexander wang for balenciaga

alexander wang for balenciaga

alexander wang for balenciaga fall 2013 via style

this debut brought us right back to our love of marble inspired design in the home, of course! while this trend was popularized earlier this year in design, and frankly we’ve always been fans, we found ourselves reliving the excitement of its popularity all over again! we began pulling up some of our favorite marbled pieces and swooning again over marbleized wallcoverings. i mean, we had not fully let go of this trend anyways, but now we had a valid excuse to be a little more excited about it again! we have rounded up some of our favorite marble inspired pieces for the home in case, like us, you’ve suddenly got the urge to add some swirl to a room!

1. rudyard kipling book and bj bjornson book

2. marble print silk pillow cover

3. sage green marble wallcovering

4. emerald green divided serving tray

5. yellow and grey washi tape

6. dark blue marbleized lucite tray

hunt & gather: calico wallpaper

we have always been fans of wallpaper. we love the unique way it can alter a room depending on the pattern, color, or texture it has. currently, we are just fascinated by the interesting array of marble style wallpaper designs put out by the brooklyn based atelier, calico wallpaper. the duo behind the designs, rachel mosler and nick cope (eco paint extraordinaire of green painting) truly are artists in their own right, influenced by nature, space, and versailles just to name a few of their inspirations for their wallpaper designs. currently, they have created three distinct collections aptly titled versailles, lunaris, and wabi. we are eagerly anticipating the incorporation of these marbled masterpieces into our future projects! here are a few great shots of these awe inspiring creations:

via calico wallpaper

to find out more about calico, please visit their website & facebook page!