aesthetically speaking: new wave british decor

there are some styles that are so classic and cool, they never go out of fashion, and for me, british inspired design is one of those things!

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when you imagine the traditional english home a few things come to mind; beautiful case goods in rich stains with a bit of patina, a great paisley or floral printed sofa, well worn leather sofa (or faux!) and of course stripes. however, the modern british movement is taking these tried and true elements and reinterpreting them into contemporary scenes. taking the familiar, adding a twist of whimsy with light, airy elements to keep the traditional alive, while bringing in a young, fresh feel. we’ve taken the liberty to pull together a room fit for princess kate herself, with nods to the time-honored, with some quirky touches.

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hand print, ship painting, photograph, art work, abstract painting, dog portrait, antique books, bookcase, globe, velvet sofa, pillow, throw, coffee table, rug, leather sofa, striped pillow, british flag pillow, brass coffee table, wing chair, stripe pouf

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tell us what are your favorite design that will never go out of trend in the comments.




hello lovelies, we are currently in need of more help in our design offices. are you a design assistant looking for a new gig?  pls send your resumes to if you think you fit the bill! here’s a little about what we’re looking for:


Candidates must have at least 6 months experience with a design firm, a positive attitude, a love for all things vintage, enthusiasm for scouring the city and online resources for unique finds, be a team player, have reliable transportation and excellent verbal and written skills.

Duties include shopping for clients, (furniture, fabrics, accessories), preparing presentation boards, communicating with vendors, working with lead designer on various facets of projects, helping to create content for company blog, maintaining other social media accounts with relevant posts and information.

Requirements- proficiency in Word, Excel, Photoshop, AutoCAD/CAD, social media platforms.

Minimum of 3 days per week, preferably full time, salary range based on experience.