our week

with six creative and curious minds in the kpi office now, we are constantly coming across miscellaneous things throughout the week that keep us inspired, make us laugh, tempt us to make unnecessary purchases, or seriously make us wonder how we have made it this far in life without the newest genius gadget! so we have decided to join in the blogger crowd and share with you all of things that got us through another crazy week at the office! you can keep up with our three adorable pugs, learn some of our fave sources, see what the kpi ladies do in our free time, and anything that made us smile!

our sweet petey says ‘fine, i will take your bed since you took mine’

seating cards can be such a simple yet personal part of a dinner party. great roundup here

check out these amazing sculptures shared by mr. finch

still obsessing over this mid century spiral pendant we recently acquired

we’ve been designing so many bathrooms, and would love to find a place for this fixture

incredibly unique and beautiful hand-cut artwork

someone in the office had to have these cuties for overnight holiday guests this year

recently seen in our feature in lonny mag, we are loving lulu & georgia pillows right now