hunt & gather: glaze it up!

remember the 60’s- the years of peace, love, and macramé? you may have thought that 60’s home trends are long gone, buried in a sea of paisley and shag rugs. but guess what, i am here to convince you to bring your grandma’s drip glaze lamp out from the garage. drip glaze is back and stronger than ever!  and there is more good news, getting your hands on a drip glaze gem is not as hard as you may think!

one of the many positive aspects of drip glaze is that you can find it at varying price points. in fact, i found the holy grail of drip glaze lamps on etsy for a steal (love it when that happens). drip glaze lamps, vases, and bowls add texture and color to a room, they also add just the right of amount of personality.

another great aspect is that they are quite versatile; I have used drip glazed lamps in a client’s cape cod style home, a traditional abode, a mid-century space, an eclectic dwelling, and even a quaint beach cottage. the options are endless and the results are spectacular!

so before you bid adieu to those retro drip glaze wonders, consider adding them to your living room, bedroom or both! i guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. 

still on the fence?  take a look at these glazed beauties…

1. blue and green drip glaze lamp, $1,200;

2. orange drip glaze table lamp, $159;

3. set of butterfly ashtrays, $16;

4. vintage matte drip glaze lamp, $1,000;

5. eggplant drip glaze bowl, $38;

6. pair of large drip glaze mid-century lamps, $2200;

7. pedestal planter, $22;

a midcentury inspired office gets an additional bit of character with a vintage glazed lamp

green glazed lamp adds a pop of color and texture to an eclectic living room

a collection of glazed pottery placed in an ethnic inspired home

an oversized drip glaze floor vase ties the color tones together in this room

via kishani perera inc.

hunt and gather: soma water filter

we knew we couldn’t be the only ones tired of having an ugly water pitcher hidden in the fridge! no more trying to keep guest in the other room while we get them a glass of water thanks to soma! having met the founders of the company we are already convinced that they will live up to their three promises: ‘look great, work well, and do good.’ the simple design of the glass carafe is beautiful, and completely table worthy for a party, but they didn’t stop there. they did all the work for us here and made the water filter 100% natural and compostable! according to their article in good, they say “for the carbon granules that do most of the filtration, we identified all-natural malaysian coconut shells. for the external casing we tracked down a food-based pla composite that was surprisingly durable, even though it’s compostable. and, when it came to the final layer of filtration—which is typically done with a plastic screen, we came across a vegan silk from india.” you had us at all natural, but vegan just put it over the top!

oh wait! we haven’t even told you the best part yet. soma is partnered up with charity: water to help provide clean drinking water with proceeds from every purchase. did you know that there are over 800 million people living without clean drinking water? you can watch their journey to ethiopa #somathrive soma + charity: water to learn more. as charity: water stresses, these people didn’t choose to be born in a place with these circumstances, but for a small amount out of our pockets we can help improve their lives.  buy a beautiful and natural water filter and help those in need at the same time! we know we can’t wait to get ours!

don’t miss the soma water bar at dwell on design this weekend in los angeles where you can see their beautiful design in person!

soma water filter

trade secrets: recipe to eclectic

many of my clients come to me because they love the way i layer items and the eclectic touches i create with just the right mix of furniture and accessories. the truth is, there is a science to the eclectic madness, and there is a very fine line between eclectic and chaotic. but do not fear, i am here to make that line just a bit clearer!

my store, rummage, is an excellent example of this eclectic philosophy. at first glance, the way the rummage store is laid out, you would think that all the items were placed haphazardly and it just works somehow. wrong. there is a methodical system to the way items are laid out in the store and this system is no different in my client’s homes.

here are a couple tips to help you recreate eclectic style in your home without going overboard:

  • quality – invest in some interesting and unique statement pieces. i love pieces with history that tell a story and spark curiosity. the quality statement piece may be a pit pricey but it can make a world of a different in your space.
  • common thread- make sure that the pieces you place near each other have a common thread, for example if you place a wood dresser in a room  the item near it should have a bit of wood detail, or somehow reference the color or finish of the wood.
  • color coded- I’m not big on “color schemes” but I am aware of the color palette I am creating in a room at all times. each element that is added to a room is an opportunity to create an additional layer. don’t introduce a color or texture that has nothing to do with your existing pieces, stick with a unique color that compliments the environment you are creating.
  • pop of color- the basic principles of color theory are a useful guide. want a bold, off color for pop? pick the complimentary color (or opposite on the color wheel) of the color you’re working with.  have a blue sofa in need of a little whimsy? throw an orange pillow on it for a little contrast, it will create immediate balance and fun!
  • make a statement- i love adding a few unexpected elements into a room. consider a trip to your local flea market to score some unique and one-of-a-kind elements to add color and interest. your guests will never guess how you got your hands on that vintage 1920’s circus mirror and i will never tell!
  • the perfect mix: mix different styles and eras in restraint. this is where it gets tricky. i love mixing things up, but I wouldn’t suggest having every piece in a room from a different era or style. there needs to be a cohesive element to the décor that allows for a more complete and unified space. so instead try to add 1 or 2 unexpected elements. the look still reads eclectic but you avoid that chaotic mix which creates confusion and feels cluttered.

for some more great examples of successful mixed style environments check out my book Vintage Remix!

aesthetically speaking: faux taxidermy

we love animals and find their presence to be an essential part of every home. whether a sweet puppy (or three!) to snuggle with, or a more figurative critter, such as a carved owl to accessorize our bookshelves, we love them all! so it is not surprise that we are loving the faux taxidermy trend! not only is faux taxidermy far more humane than the real deal, it is definitely more playful and colorful as well! no eerie ‘deer in headlights’ eyes here.

from a beach front living room to a children’s bedroom, there is a perfect faux animal for every room! love the idea but not sure how to choose? we have narrowed down some our favorite pieces for you below!

1. iron horse head

2. recycled rhino head

3. glittery antler deer head

4. black and gold ram head

5. papier-mâché moose head

6. pink elephant head

wanderlust: beldi country club marrakesh

someone pinch us because we must be dreaming! how perfectly dreamy is the beldi country club?  we must have been moroccan in our past lives because we are so drawn to the design and style of this hotel. surrounded by a sea of olive trees and rose gardens, this rustic eco-friendly retreat feels miles away from the center of town but in reality is only about 6 kilometers away. with a total of 28 rooms, this retreat just oozes that unpretentious, intimate vibe we crave whenever we go on vacation. and the fact that the hotel is located a mere 10 minutes from the airport is definitely an added bonus (as if we needed any more convincing). long story short, you know where to find us on our next travel adventure!



via beldi country club

inspired by this dreamy destination, we thought it would be fun to show you how you could get the beldi country club rustic moroccan look in your home:1. handwoven wool moroccan carpet, $5,000

2. antiqued moroccan mirror, $259

3. vintage brass lantern, $895

4. warda tea glasses, $42

5. blue drip glaze bowl, $130

6. olive tabletop topiary, $94.95

7. tam tam wood stool, $448

8. middle eastern brass tray table, $1,850

9. kufi calligraphy door, $1,200

aesthetically speaking: keeping cool in style

there is no denying it- this california heat can be quite stifling. short of jumping in the pool or the occasional trip to the freezer, there isn’t that much you can do to satisfy your need for a good cool-down. sure you could turn on the air-conditioning but what about when you need that extra boost? cue the good old plug-in fan!

now…before you start telling us how you’ve never seen a good looking plug-in, take a look at the roundup we’ve gathered below. if the below doesn’t change your mind about plug-in floor and table fans forever, we suggest you take a second look! the great thing about plug-in fans is that they come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and styles. from modern to retro to industrial, you can be sure that adding a plug-in fan won’t compromise the overall style and feel of your space.

1- deco breeze retro metal box fan, $50; comes in a bunch of other fun colors like blue & lime green

2- ecco orange desk fan, $82.99; bright and playful, we love the color

 3- italian floor fan, $4,200; the perfect vintage gem

4- eskimo floor fan, $152; can’t get enough of that retro minty green

5- vintage table fan, $35; this industrial number is calling our name

6- otto wooden fan, $199.99;  this sleek looking fan feels right at home in any modern abode

7- fanimation arden floor fan, $329.91; really into this mix of bronze & wood

trade secrets: pillow formulas

perplexed by pillows? bewildered by toss cushions?  do we have the blog post for you!  the age old question of exactly how many pillows are enough has been heavily debated for centuries (particularly between men and women). not to worry, we are here to set the record straight!

here are some straightforward pillow guidelines to keep in mind when adorning your bed or sofa:

1. size matters: when it comes to layering toss cushions,  the size difference should vary slightly. i wouldn’t suggest putting a large 24″ pillow next to a 12″ pillow, for example, without a size in the middle (like a 18″ or 20″)  to balance it out. but definitely mix it up, don’t do multiple pillows in the same size.

2. be bold: when coming up with combinations of cushions for either your bed or sofa, be sure to mix patterns in with solids. i like to mix in at least one strong pattern in with a  solid or two, and then either add in a tone on tone pattern or texture for interest.  the wrong pillow fabric can downgrade the full palette so try to be mindful of the colors and fabrics you introduce into the grouping.

3. bedroom pillows: try to keep your cushion count between 4-9 pillows at most (including your sleeping pillows). rather than go with to the matching euro shams to your bed set, i prefer to mix in a different pattern or color here and then add a pair of decorative toss cushions or a long bolster for added interest. the arrangement of pillows can also be determined by the overall style of the room. for a modern space i prefer to keep the sleeping pillows (usually 4), stacked in pairs, with a pair of decorative pillows propped in front of each stack. for a more decadent look, or more traditional space, i prefer to lean the pillows, including the sleeping pillows, on the back of the bed, creating gradual layers from back to front that go from large to small. for example, a pair of euro pillows along the back, sleeping pillows next, and a pair of decorative pillows in front, as an example.

4. sofa pillows: keep in mind that toss cushions are there not only to add color and interest, but to add comfort as well. make sure that the amount of pillows doesn’t feel out of place or awkward, or worse, are so big you can’t sit comfortably on the sofa. i usually gravitate to a total of 3-5 pillows on a sofa but this number can change depending on the overall vibe of the space and length of the sofa. for example, try using just one long lumbar pillow on a sofa if you are going for a more modern/minimalist feel, but for a more luxe look, go for a pair on either side of the sofa and a kidney cushion in the middle.

below are some examples of great pillow mixing without going overboard:

  via kishani perera inc.

via desire to inspire

via elle decor

via house beautiful

via domaine home

via country living

via katie ridder interiors

via architectural digest

hot off the press: los angeles times

one of our favorite projects has been highlighted in the los angeles times! we are so very grateful for the inclusion. follow the link here for more photos of the project. a big thank you to the wonderful lisa boone and la times for the fab project write-up!

photos by jean randazzo