aesthetically speaking: new wave british decor

there are some styles that are so classic and cool, they never go out of fashion, and for me, british inspired design is one of those things!

british living room blog

when you imagine the traditional english home a few things come to mind; beautiful case goods in rich stains with a bit of patina, a great paisley or floral printed sofa, well worn leather sofa (or faux!) and of course stripes. however, the modern british movement is taking these tried and true elements and reinterpreting them into contemporary scenes. taking the familiar, adding a twist of whimsy with light, airy elements to keep the traditional alive, while bringing in a young, fresh feel. we’ve taken the liberty to pull together a room fit for princess kate herself, with nods to the time-honored, with some quirky touches.

british items 01222016

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kishani perera blog


kishani perera blogsource

tell us what are your favorite design that will never go out of trend in the comments.



wanderlust: the new luxury in camping

have you ever wanted to wander into the beautiful wilderness without leaving all of the comforts of home behind? we have found beautiful, exotic places to relax amongst the mysterious creatures that live within them. the best part? the interiors provide a luxury you normally receive in a 5 start hotel. take a look at our favorite ways to camp with the chicest of security blankets.



1.  el cosmico in marfa, texas



2. gorah elephant camp in plettenberg bay south africa



3. a terra in são teotonio, portugal



4. wagon stays in kirwee, new zealand



5. back of beyond in dehigahaela

throw caution to the wind and start packing! we’re sure one of these will help you check off a few items from your bucket list!

aesthetically speaking: copper accents

it has been the year of brass it seems, and we have loved every minute of it! but just as the seasons are changing, so are the trends! we are seeing more and more copper accents and are excited about this subtle, but interesting change. while brass lends its compliments to jewel tones and black, copper seems to fit better with lighter neutrals and white. it has a softness to it, while still being a wonderful bold and shiny accent! from pendants, to vases, you can even find a copper chair if you’re feeling brave enough! we are welcoming this trend with open arms and are excited to share with you some of the inspiring images we are seeing everywhere! plus we’re sharing some of our favorite copper finds to help you incorporate this trend into your own home!

copper farmhouse sink at heath ceramics in san francisco

tom dixon copper pendants via la dolce vita blog

copper backsplash by artistic tile

copper chairs in a dining room via house to home

1.)  copper backsplash tile

2.)  wicker and copper kettle

3.)  copper real good chair

4.)  copper artichoke lamp

5.)  vintage copper ice bucket

6.)  cast mini jack

7.)  stanley copper pendant

8.)  ginger and jagger side tables

9.)  hammered copper farmhouse sink

10.) tealight holders 1, 2, 3

art house: elisa strozyk

being a huge fan of fibers design and innovative wood work, we were in awe when we spotted the experimental work of elisa strozyk. born in berlin, strozyk received her master’s degree in future textile design from londons central saint martins college in 2009. although she is a young artist, her work is redefining the way we use and relate to everyday materials. wooden textiles, her most indepth series of work, challenges us to break through the self-imposed limitations we currently have on decor accents. wooden textiles was created for an entirely new tactile experience, and to literally reconnect us with an extremely familiar material in a way we have never known. beyond reconnecting us, it is reminding us to use natural materials that grow abundantly, over man made products that create much more waste and may harm the environment. her incredible half wood, half textile creations are something we have surely never seen before! to see more of her work visit her website.

all images via elisa strozyk

hunt & gather: fall throw trend

for better or for worse, 2012 was the year of the chevron stripe. we had chevron headboards, chevron coffee mugs, and an excessive amount of chevron stripe throws. while looking for an updated throw for this fall, we saw the classic herringbone, and the traditional ultra soft throw with fringe, but we are prepping for fall with moroccan inspired textiles! the typical kilim textile is based on a specific type of weaving, and can be very intricate and full of color. today we are opting for a more modern kilim style print, merging eastern technique and western simplicity. whether you are looking for eco-friendly, inexpensive, or simply luxurious, you’ll find your match with one of our picks for the season.

via cococozy

via cococozy

via miss buttercup

1.)  uppercase knit throw

2.)  dolce moroccan throw

3.)  eco moroccan throw

4.)  all modern throw

5.)  moroccan tile throws

6.)  diamond cashmere throw

wanderlust: venice beach retreat

we’ve found ourselves with a head over heels design crush on this venice beach home. while we must admit, we could not personally live in this home full time, we sure could spend some breezy, relaxing weekends here with good friends! as you drive down westminster ave in venice beach, you would probably drive right past this home. you might think ‘that is an interesting looking warehouse front’ and never think twice. we were just as pleasantly surprised by the incredible interior of this home as you will be. immediately struck by the eastern influences in the design of this home, paired with the raw, simple materials, this home is beyond intriguing. those gorgeous wood beam ceilings sheltering the beautiful, moorish details of every room make you completely forget the immense amount of concrete. the high walls surrounding this overly open home with a small river-like pool throughout, make you feel as if you are completely removed from the outside world. comfortable to roam about in the open air and sunshine without a worry. when you remember, that you are a few short blocks to abbot kinney, and a quick bike ride away from the beach. all the privacy you want, with all of the conveniences you need. sure is a great alternative to that sought after malibu home. and hey, there is a wonderfully bright and large studio to work in as well, because we have a feeling it might be pretty tough to leave this place!

all images via postrain productions

aesthetically speaking: seeing swirls

interior design is of course our first love, but we still draw plenty of our inspiration from fashion trends and read our monthly copy of vogue! while this month’s issue had plenty of inspiration, our attention was focused on alexander wang’s debut with balenciaga. of course, already a big deal to begin with, but what really caught our eye was that his debut collection was inspired by marbled patterns. the use of  marbleized patterns has been interpreted as a tribute to the monolithic legacy of the house, and the recognized sculptural quality of balenciaga’s clothing. wang himself described the use of marble as a static contrast, such as statues, to the forward swung movement of balenciaga’s clothing. it was first shown in a backless dress which poured open from either side revealing a marblesque lining. then in full printed blazers, dresses, fur jackets, and even lace pants. it was all incredible.


alexander wang for balenciaga

alexander wang for balenciaga

alexander wang for balenciaga fall 2013 via style

this debut brought us right back to our love of marble inspired design in the home, of course! while this trend was popularized earlier this year in design, and frankly we’ve always been fans, we found ourselves reliving the excitement of its popularity all over again! we began pulling up some of our favorite marbled pieces and swooning again over marbleized wallcoverings. i mean, we had not fully let go of this trend anyways, but now we had a valid excuse to be a little more excited about it again! we have rounded up some of our favorite marble inspired pieces for the home in case, like us, you’ve suddenly got the urge to add some swirl to a room!

1. rudyard kipling book and bj bjornson book

2. marble print silk pillow cover

3. sage green marble wallcovering

4. emerald green divided serving tray

5. yellow and grey washi tape

6. dark blue marbleized lucite tray

art house: candida höfner

the summer issue of soho’s house magazine featured the incredible german photographer, candida höfer. her technical approach to photographing public space produces silently powerful and awe inspiring images. the mere thought of an empty library or theater is a bit eerie, while also very exciting and intriguing. her photographs provoke the exact feelings you would experience if you walked into said empty public space. the straight on angles are so structured and clean that you are able to absorb every bit of the space. you are able to appreciate the backdrop, the deep history in the magnificent architecture surrounding this seemingly endless array of books, holding even more history. every layer is exposed in all its beauty for you to admire at your own pace, without worry of the space being interrupted. the empty theater photographs give the average person a real glimpse from the stage, imagining all of those seats filled, everyone under one roof, again surrounded with so much history and making their own history. she has even photographed the louvre museum in paris void of visitors. while, even if you never had the opportunity to make it to the louvre, you are able to feel the grandeur of not only the eminent art that is present, but the details of the building itself. you may catch yourself saying aloud ‘wow’ as if you just walked through the front doors.

trinity college library in dublin via web odysseum

chateau de versailles III via artcat

teatro alla scala milaon via johnen galerie

masonic temple in philadelphia IV via museo magazine

musee du louvre paris VII via museo magazine

musee du louvre paris IX via museo magazine

las vegas market: style scouting seminar

i hope to see all of you at the las vegas market at the end of the month! i have teamed up with luxe interiors + design editor, mallory evans, to discuss the all new ‘c-one floor’ at this summer’s market. we will share with you our favorite new trends and some of our go-to shops and showrooms for accessories. stick around after the discussion for a signing of vintage remix!

you can find us in the surya seminar room c444 on tuesday, july 30th at 3:00pm!

hot off the press: home of molly sims and scott stuber

we are so grateful that one of our favorite projects has been featured on one of our new favorite blogs! the beautiful home of molly sims and husband, scott stuber, was truly an enjoyable project for us and we are so happy they love it as much as we do! we are even more excited that domaine home decided to feature their home today for all of you to see!

we are giving you a sneak peak here, but please stop on over at domaine home for the full story and many more amazing photos! great big thank you to domaine home and molly sims!

all photos via domaine home