aesthetically speaking: new wave british decor

there are some styles that are so classic and cool, they never go out of fashion, and for me, british inspired design is one of those things!

british living room blog

when you imagine the traditional english home a few things come to mind; beautiful case goods in rich stains with a bit of patina, a great paisley or floral printed sofa, well worn leather sofa (or faux!) and of course stripes. however, the modern british movement is taking these tried and true elements and reinterpreting them into contemporary scenes. taking the familiar, adding a twist of whimsy with light, airy elements to keep the traditional alive, while bringing in a young, fresh feel. we’ve taken the liberty to pull together a room fit for princess kate herself, with nods to the time-honored, with some quirky touches.

british items 01222016

hand print, ship painting, photograph, art work, abstract painting, dog portrait, antique books, bookcase, globe, velvet sofa, pillow, throw, coffee table, rug, leather sofa, striped pillow, british flag pillow, brass coffee table, wing chair, stripe pouf

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aesthetically speaking: the photography of erik madigan heck

we have been fascinated with the vibrant photography of erik madigan heck ever since we stumbled upon the first photo below in harper’s bazaar that reminded us of frida kahlo! ever since then we have been following his work on instagram, which we highly recommend you give it a follow for inspiring images from his portfolio. below is a retrospective of some our favorite fashion photography that he has done in just the past year alone! we absolutely love the way he captures the blurring of lines between fashion and art through photography!

erik madigan heck 1 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 2 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 3 via kishani perera blog


 erik madigan heck 4 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 5 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 6 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 7 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 8 via kishani perera blog


hunt & gather: favorite five fridays

today’s round up had us smiling form cheek to cheek because color is a great way to inject your personality into a space, both indoors and out! to learn five other ways that kishani adds character to a home, be sure to check out mydomaine for her expert tips!

we want to wish all our loyal readers a very happy 4th of july! this year is especially important because we celebrate more equality in our lifetime than ever before! it’s great to be an american, cheers to the usa!

 cable and cotton string lights via kishani perera blog

cable & cotton string lights via houseology

 lucia fabric via kishani perera blog

lucia fabric via kufri life

nevis pom pom cushion via kishani perera blog

nevis pom pom cushion via bluebellgray

dessert plates via kishani perera blog

dessert plates in rose and gold via suite one studio

dip dyed pillows via rummage

teal & blue dip dyed pillows via rummage

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aesthetically speaking: feather trend

over the years at rummage, we have been very partial to vintage peacock decor because we love the design and colors that are found from the plumage of these fine feathered friends! lately, we’ve been seeing that feathers themselves are emerging as a trend not only in fashion, but also in the home. everything form art to decorative elements are making use of feathers in very beautiful and whimsical ways. you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together! so, whose loving this trend as much as we are? let us know in the comments!

peacock wall art via kishani perera blog

peacock wall art via phillips collection as spotted by the english room

 feather bloom via kishani perera blog

feather bloom wallpaper in golden plum via schumacher

nude and speckled feather wall hanging via kishani perera blog

nude and speckled feather wall hanging via kristen leigh baker

kate mcgwire feather art via kishani perera blog

kate mccgwire feather art via twisted sifter

3 tier chestnut feather bracket via kishani perera blog

3 tier chestnut feather bracket via dransfield & ross

hunt studios icarus tile via kishani perera blog

hunt studios icarus tile via filmore clark

vintage mardi gras feather mask via rummage

1960’s vintage mardi gras feather mask via rummage

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hunt & gather: a vegan-friendly thanksgiving table inspiration

being an animal lover, you’d never see a turkey on my table, however, i thought it would be fun to bring the spirit of this and other beautiful creatures to this year’s thanksgiving table. decorative touches of animal decor are found in many of our design projects so it seemed fitting to add them here at our holiday table for fun and conversation! many of the tips we share on our design philosophy translate into our entertaining concepts as well actually. for example, always remember to remix your table — mixing vintage and new, textured and smooth, high and low — then add pops of color throughout to make it come alive. as i’ve said before, this gives a table whimsy, dimension and keeps the eye dancing across a table for all to enjoy. plus, you’ll have more fun putting your table together this way! the holidays are the perfect time to be adventurous, go ahead, let your imagination run wild!

thankgiving table via kishani perera inc.

  1. solaris dinnerware via z gallerie
  2. recycled wine punt glassware via west elm
  3. gratitude print tablecloth via pier 1
  4. peacock sword feathers via save on crafts
  5. dapper animal plates via west elm
  6. vintage copper ice bucket with lion ring handles via rummage
  7. variegated taupe napkins via amazon
  8. brass candle holder via rummage
  9. aureate plumes pitcher via anthropologie
  10. zellena flatware via anthropologie
  11. antique french marquetry box via rummage
  12. strawberry street vatican red wine glass set via target


art house: jeffrey gibson

we stumbled upon artist jeffrey gibson by chance and we’re so glad we stayed and continued looking into his work. while his geometric abstract paintings are quite beautiful and have been a part of his newer work, we were more drawn to his adorned punching bags. visually, you can see how he draws inspiration from his native american roots, especially traditional pow-wow dance regalia as seen by the bead work, sequins, tin shingles, color, etc.. but, there is also a very modern touch and other inspirations at work here which make it very fascinating!

jeffrey gibson showroom via kishani perera blog

via new york times

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

via marc straus gallery

jeffrey gibson adorned punching bag at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

via marc straus gallery

in the december 2013 issue of artnews magazine, gibson explains his artistic choices: “the adornment references subcultural fashion, not just native american but also punk and queer – alternatives to mainstream that signal defiance and rejection of hetero-normative culture.” curator marshall n. price of the national academy museum describes gibson’s work as a “mash-up” or “remix”. some of the adorned punching bags are even wrapped in pieces of re-purposed paintings. how cool is that! sure, there is a decorative and beautiful element to this collection of work from gibson, but if you stop there you have missed the whole trajectory he has attempted to take you on. gibson further explains this best himself in this video. (mind you, there are probably quite a few kpi clients that we think would love one of his pieces in their homes!)

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

all images in this section via marc straus gallery

this summer, the southwest is in for a treat! in addition to being the subject of an exhibition at the denver art museum, gibson will begin a residency in the native arts artist-in-residence program. we’d love to be a fly on the wall for that class! some of gibson’s most recent exhibitions were at volta, national academy museum, institute of contemporary art in boston and marc straus gallery in new york city, where he is represented. we can’t wait to see what gibson does next! and, it seems we don’t have to wait too long. he recently collaborated with a peace treaty on a line of jewelry and scarves that are based on selected works of his. we are more than just a little obsessed now! how about you?

jeffrey gibson jewelry at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson scarves at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson jewelry at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

all images in this section via a peace treaty

art house: elisa strozyk

being a huge fan of fibers design and innovative wood work, we were in awe when we spotted the experimental work of elisa strozyk. born in berlin, strozyk received her master’s degree in future textile design from londons central saint martins college in 2009. although she is a young artist, her work is redefining the way we use and relate to everyday materials. wooden textiles, her most indepth series of work, challenges us to break through the self-imposed limitations we currently have on decor accents. wooden textiles was created for an entirely new tactile experience, and to literally reconnect us with an extremely familiar material in a way we have never known. beyond reconnecting us, it is reminding us to use natural materials that grow abundantly, over man made products that create much more waste and may harm the environment. her incredible half wood, half textile creations are something we have surely never seen before! to see more of her work visit her website.

all images via elisa strozyk

hunt & gather: fall throw trend

for better or for worse, 2012 was the year of the chevron stripe. we had chevron headboards, chevron coffee mugs, and an excessive amount of chevron stripe throws. while looking for an updated throw for this fall, we saw the classic herringbone, and the traditional ultra soft throw with fringe, but we are prepping for fall with moroccan inspired textiles! the typical kilim textile is based on a specific type of weaving, and can be very intricate and full of color. today we are opting for a more modern kilim style print, merging eastern technique and western simplicity. whether you are looking for eco-friendly, inexpensive, or simply luxurious, you’ll find your match with one of our picks for the season.

via cococozy

via cococozy

via miss buttercup

1.)  uppercase knit throw

2.)  dolce moroccan throw

3.)  eco moroccan throw

4.)  all modern throw

5.)  moroccan tile throws

6.)  diamond cashmere throw

hunt & gather: glaze it up!

remember the 60’s- the years of peace, love, and macramé? you may have thought that 60’s home trends are long gone, buried in a sea of paisley and shag rugs. but guess what, i am here to convince you to bring your grandma’s drip glaze lamp out from the garage. drip glaze is back and stronger than ever!  and there is more good news, getting your hands on a drip glaze gem is not as hard as you may think!

one of the many positive aspects of drip glaze is that you can find it at varying price points. in fact, i found the holy grail of drip glaze lamps on etsy for a steal (love it when that happens). drip glaze lamps, vases, and bowls add texture and color to a room, they also add just the right of amount of personality.

another great aspect is that they are quite versatile; I have used drip glazed lamps in a client’s cape cod style home, a traditional abode, a mid-century space, an eclectic dwelling, and even a quaint beach cottage. the options are endless and the results are spectacular!

so before you bid adieu to those retro drip glaze wonders, consider adding them to your living room, bedroom or both! i guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. 

still on the fence?  take a look at these glazed beauties…

1. blue and green drip glaze lamp, $1,200;

2. orange drip glaze table lamp, $159;

3. set of butterfly ashtrays, $16;

4. vintage matte drip glaze lamp, $1,000;

5. eggplant drip glaze bowl, $38;

6. pair of large drip glaze mid-century lamps, $2200;

7. pedestal planter, $22;

a midcentury inspired office gets an additional bit of character with a vintage glazed lamp

green glazed lamp adds a pop of color and texture to an eclectic living room

a collection of glazed pottery placed in an ethnic inspired home

an oversized drip glaze floor vase ties the color tones together in this room

via kishani perera inc.

aesthetically speaking: keeping cool in style

there is no denying it- this california heat can be quite stifling. short of jumping in the pool or the occasional trip to the freezer, there isn’t that much you can do to satisfy your need for a good cool-down. sure you could turn on the air-conditioning but what about when you need that extra boost? cue the good old plug-in fan!

now…before you start telling us how you’ve never seen a good looking plug-in, take a look at the roundup we’ve gathered below. if the below doesn’t change your mind about plug-in floor and table fans forever, we suggest you take a second look! the great thing about plug-in fans is that they come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and styles. from modern to retro to industrial, you can be sure that adding a plug-in fan won’t compromise the overall style and feel of your space.

1- deco breeze retro metal box fan, $50; comes in a bunch of other fun colors like blue & lime green

2- ecco orange desk fan, $82.99; bright and playful, we love the color

 3- italian floor fan, $4,200; the perfect vintage gem

4- eskimo floor fan, $152; can’t get enough of that retro minty green

5- vintage table fan, $35; this industrial number is calling our name

6- otto wooden fan, $199.99;  this sleek looking fan feels right at home in any modern abode

7- fanimation arden floor fan, $329.91; really into this mix of bronze & wood