wanderlust: the new luxury in camping

have you ever wanted to wander into the beautiful wilderness without leaving all of the comforts of home behind? we have found beautiful, exotic places to relax amongst the mysterious creatures that live within them. the best part? the interiors provide a luxury you normally receive in a 5 start hotel. take a look at our favorite ways to camp with the chicest of security blankets.



1.  el cosmico in marfa, texas



2. gorah elephant camp in plettenberg bay south africa



3. a terra in são teotonio, portugal



4. wagon stays in kirwee, new zealand



5. back of beyond in dehigahaela

throw caution to the wind and start packing! we’re sure one of these will help you check off a few items from your bucket list!

our week

these past few weeks have been a constant flow of positive, yet undeniably chaotic days! with 75% of our projects in the beginning phases, we have been pushing ourselves creatively in every direction and finding inspiration everywhere. we really love the ‘inspiration gathering phase’ of our projects, especially when we have multiple projects from one end of the design spectrum to the complete opposite end! it gives us the opportunity to utilize the best moments in every design period, and mix in the best of today’s trends, for that lived-in yet updated look kp is known for. this time is also when we have the chance to explore and discover new sources, which today seems to be an endless realm of gems! speaking of gems, we said goodbye to our lovely lynne this week, as she begins a new adventure exploring the country a bit with the man in her life! wishing her all the best, and excited to welcome amelia onto our team here! so far the change has been seamless, so we’re taking that as a great sign of things to come. on the note of great things, we are excited to share some great things the kpi ladies stumbled across this week and had to share! we hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and as always be sure to follow us on twitter and like us facebook for updates all week long!

wishing you all a lovely weekend full of cooler temps and relaxation! -dh

imagepetey man and kp enjoying some snuggles and sunshine while working in the backyard!

this little girl’s bedroom is too cute! plus, she shares so many of the diy projects here, so anybody can totally tackle some fun projects.

three of our favorite things are happening here: vegan, ‘cheesy’, and carbs. yes please on these breadsticks for a weekend indulgence.

this wonderful tumblr is a current fave! we have been scouring it for inspiration for a new mid-century project we are starting!

at kpi we are big fans of symmetry, but this trend has us contemplating some fun, daring decisions. the flooring designs are our faves!

in la we are lucky to have so many incredible hotels, but even better are the gorgeous bars and lounges they house! this list is a great guide to check out some new places to unwind.

with limited counter space and a love of copper, someone in the office made an impulse splurge for one of these as a fruit holder!

recently added to our wanderlust list is this breathtaking ‘tunnel of love’ which is a perfect example of natural architecture.

from the floors, to the paneling, up to the molding, and over to the chandeliers; this apartment has some seriously gorgeous details.

we love these hotel animals! we like to think we have a similar set up with our ‘shop pugs’ because people love visiting with the pups when they’re at the shop!

wanderlust: ace hotel downtown la

ace hotel has done it again, and even closer to home for us this time in downtown los angeles! we previously raved about their palm springs location, but are especially intrigued by the new downtown location. the new ace hotel found its home in the historic, spanish gothic united artists building which was designed with heavy influence from the segovia cathedral in spain. the building was completed in 1927 and was the tallest building in los angeles for one year, but most of us identify this landmark as the ‘jesus saves’ building.

working with the beautiful bones of this building, commune and the ace atelier were consistent in their eclectic design throughout. mixing modern lines, mondrian inspired blankets, vintage textiles, and industrial pieces under an exposed ceiling in the guest rooms. while the lobby and segovia bar boasts true-to-era checker board floors with industrial details and currently trending brass bistro tables. continue upstairs to the rooftop where inspiration from the frank lloyd wright ennis home is combined with vintage turkish kilim pillows and navajo inspired tarps. we love the eclectic design of this hotel and feel it fits perfectly into the current scene of downtown la.

we were lucky enough to already check out the hotel, but if you haven’t made it over there yet, see below for a peek inside!

images via

image via

images via





our week

even while the kpi ladies are spread out across the country for the holidays, we haven’t stopped sharing all of our usual finds for the week! with a little extra spare time to search for after christmas deals and cute holiday animal photos, we’ve got some links worth sharing with you for the week! please forgive us for our quiet time as we have been busy soaking up time with family! we have loved sharing 2013 with you all, and hope to share even more with you in 2014! be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook for sneak peeks of our projects, and check back to the blog for our completed projects coming up so soon!

first christmas with all of the perera pups! we couldn’t ask for more happiness!


with fast approaching holiday travel, we couldn’t make it to the la renegade craft fair, but we are scouring the local vendor list!

since we can’t travel as much as we would like, we’re wanderlusting away with this list of 23 world travel instagrams

still going on, our rummage end of the year sale! snag up those long lusted-after vintage pieces for a steal!

we love this list of random act of kindness, especially as a little (belated) holiday gift to a stranger

chocolate tubes of syrup ‘oil paints’ would be a fun, and potentially messy, activity for all ages. we’re thinking wine and chocolate on a new level.

we agree, we’d like to open this book and watch the reaction of strangers on an elevator, or a child at bedtime

intricately cut newspaper pages transform into lace-like art with the combination of an xacto blade and serious patience!

this book has one hundred years worth of exclusive stories and photographs from the beverly hills hotel and surrounding city

we’re sharing one of our favorite bathroom remodel projects along with some great tips for taking on your own bathroom renovation on pop sugar home!

have you seen the adorable holiday outfits that our friend tuna sported this year?

holiday gift guide: for the foodie & for the traveler

we all have at least one foodie in our life who talks about ingredients we have never heard of, and has every kitchen gadget imaginable. if not this foodie, you definitely have the foodie in your life who loves food and every single thing about it, even if they might not have their cooking skills up to par just yet! either way, we found some unique gifts that will fit the bill this year!

  1. cookie stamps for a cute way to ‘trademark’ their homemade treasures
  2. cooking classes for the foodie who hasn’t quite mastered a certain cuisine
  3. big jug of organic maple syrup because maple syrup can be used in various recipes and is always amazing
  4. handcrafted blue net bag to display your produce or transport it home from the market
  5. smoked arbequina extra virgin olive oil for the foodie who knows the power of olive oil best
  6. keurig mini because honestly, we couldn’t live without ours and the pop of color makes it even better
  7. cheese survival kit complete with cheat sheet for storing, tasting, and serving
  8.  garden in a bag is an adorable way for a foodie to grow herbs on their kitchen windowsill
  9. green herbal tea kit for the foodie in your life who wants to try every tea under the sun
  10. cocktails by daniel boulud is a two volume collection; one for him and one for her


we all have that traveler in our life who we can’t even keep track of these days; whether it is that awesome job they took or their gypsy soul that keeps them from sitting still. it is hard to find them something unique and useful for their lifestyle, but we think we’ve found a good round up this year. hopefully you’ll agree!


  1. another destination pouch is a great gift your traveler can keep with them as a reminder of you
  2. african basket bowl is both beautiful and useful; and small enough to travel along if they like
  3. diana f+ is a classic and cool way for the traveler to capture all of their memories
  4. luggage scale to keep that impulse buyer and/or excessive packer in check while traveling
  5. standard travel umbrella in ultra compact case, complete with lightening bolt design
  6. 4 in 1 color blocked adapter for the traveler who never knows what country they will be in tomorrow
  7. f1 lift for baggage eye mask because if they’re going to look silly on the plane they might as well make a joke about it
  8. chalkboard globe for the traveler who gives many meanings to making their own map of the world
  9. compact blender and chopper for the traveler who loves to make their own creations anywhere they go
  10. 36 hours. 125 weeks in europe. may present itself as a challenge to the ambitious traveler in your life


wanderlust: glamping

with fall officially here, the cooler days are perfect for outdoor adventures! we actually rather camp in the cooler days than try to beat the heat all summer! well, lets be honest, we are more of the glamping type! we highly prefer a vintage airstream trailer to a pitched tent on the hard ground. we swear we aren’t high maintenance, but we just appreciate running water, electricity, a door to close, and you know, maybe a stove for our teapot. okay okay, so we are a little high maintenance, but the world is catering to it now and who are we to deny ourselves the adventure of camping in a glamorous way? from santa barbara, to oregon, then british columbia, and over to montana! you can find a glamping retreat almost anywhere these days! we’ve lined up our top four glamping destinations to share with you, so prepare for wanderlust overdrive! just be realistic and be sure to pack the appropriate shoes!

first on our list is the most convenient, el capitan canyon in santa barbara, ca. here you can rough it in a safari tent, find a happy medium in a yurt, or go with our choice, a cedar cabin with a fireplace and soaking tub! wherever you choose to sleep, you’ll still have the same opportunity to hike, kayak, swim in the heated swimming pool, or pamper yourself with a massage!

images above via

second on the list, just keep heading up the coast, and find yourself a limited spot at green springs inn & cabins, just east of ashland, oregon! while there won’t be any spa services here, we think the in-cabin hot tubs and full kitchens make this more of a lazy weekend getaway! which means you can even ‘camp’ here in the snowy months and enjoy a nature filled visit, complete with a sleigh ride at the right time of year!

all images via

for our third glamping spot, just head even further up the coast of course! way north (and across the border) to rockwater secret cove resort in british columbia. we’ll admit, this is more glamour than camping, but they still have cabins and tenthouses. which are a bit of a hike to arrive at, so it qualifies! they have a range of activities including yoga, hiking, fishing, and even nearby museums for a rainy day. then of course they have your relaxation essentials at the spa, followed by a fine dining experience to ensure you get the vacation you need!

all images via

our fourth and final favorite will take you east, into greenough, montana to the resort at paws up. here you can stay in a luxury cabin with all of the convenience of a home amidst nature, complete with a private pitched tent for an adventure for the kids, or ‘rough it’ in a luxury tent! with an endless array of activities, multiple restaurants, and of course, a spa, this just might be the best glamping spot we have discovered yet!

all images via

aesthetically speaking: copper accents

it has been the year of brass it seems, and we have loved every minute of it! but just as the seasons are changing, so are the trends! we are seeing more and more copper accents and are excited about this subtle, but interesting change. while brass lends its compliments to jewel tones and black, copper seems to fit better with lighter neutrals and white. it has a softness to it, while still being a wonderful bold and shiny accent! from pendants, to vases, you can even find a copper chair if you’re feeling brave enough! we are welcoming this trend with open arms and are excited to share with you some of the inspiring images we are seeing everywhere! plus we’re sharing some of our favorite copper finds to help you incorporate this trend into your own home!

copper farmhouse sink at heath ceramics in san francisco

tom dixon copper pendants via la dolce vita blog

copper backsplash by artistic tile

copper chairs in a dining room via house to home

1.)  copper backsplash tile

2.)  wicker and copper kettle

3.)  copper real good chair

4.)  copper artichoke lamp

5.)  vintage copper ice bucket

6.)  cast mini jack

7.)  stanley copper pendant

8.)  ginger and jagger side tables

9.)  hammered copper farmhouse sink

10.) tealight holders 1, 2, 3

hot off the press: 1st dibs

1st dibs asked several designers to share their ‘required reading: end of summer beach reads‘  with their audience, and included kishani!  inspired by a recent trip to st. barts, kishani shared her pick for a day of lounging at the sea!

follow the link here for the full story!

wanderlust: venice beach retreat

we’ve found ourselves with a head over heels design crush on this venice beach home. while we must admit, we could not personally live in this home full time, we sure could spend some breezy, relaxing weekends here with good friends! as you drive down westminster ave in venice beach, you would probably drive right past this home. you might think ‘that is an interesting looking warehouse front’ and never think twice. we were just as pleasantly surprised by the incredible interior of this home as you will be. immediately struck by the eastern influences in the design of this home, paired with the raw, simple materials, this home is beyond intriguing. those gorgeous wood beam ceilings sheltering the beautiful, moorish details of every room make you completely forget the immense amount of concrete. the high walls surrounding this overly open home with a small river-like pool throughout, make you feel as if you are completely removed from the outside world. comfortable to roam about in the open air and sunshine without a worry. when you remember, that you are a few short blocks to abbot kinney, and a quick bike ride away from the beach. all the privacy you want, with all of the conveniences you need. sure is a great alternative to that sought after malibu home. and hey, there is a wonderfully bright and large studio to work in as well, because we have a feeling it might be pretty tough to leave this place!

all images via postrain productions

wanderlust: beldi country club marrakesh

someone pinch us because we must be dreaming! how perfectly dreamy is the beldi country club?  we must have been moroccan in our past lives because we are so drawn to the design and style of this hotel. surrounded by a sea of olive trees and rose gardens, this rustic eco-friendly retreat feels miles away from the center of town but in reality is only about 6 kilometers away. with a total of 28 rooms, this retreat just oozes that unpretentious, intimate vibe we crave whenever we go on vacation. and the fact that the hotel is located a mere 10 minutes from the airport is definitely an added bonus (as if we needed any more convincing). long story short, you know where to find us on our next travel adventure!



via beldi country club

inspired by this dreamy destination, we thought it would be fun to show you how you could get the beldi country club rustic moroccan look in your home:1. handwoven wool moroccan carpet, $5,000

2. antiqued moroccan mirror, $259

3. vintage brass lantern, $895

4. warda tea glasses, $42

5. blue drip glaze bowl, $130

6. olive tabletop topiary, $94.95

7. tam tam wood stool, $448

8. middle eastern brass tray table, $1,850

9. kufi calligraphy door, $1,200