wanderlust: the new luxury in camping

have you ever wanted to wander into the beautiful wilderness without leaving all of the comforts of home behind? we have found beautiful, exotic places to relax amongst the mysterious creatures that live within them. the best part? the interiors provide a luxury you normally receive in a 5 start hotel. take a look at our favorite ways to camp with the chicest of security blankets.



1.  el cosmico in marfa, texas



2. gorah elephant camp in plettenberg bay south africa



3. a terra in são teotonio, portugal



4. wagon stays in kirwee, new zealand



5. back of beyond in dehigahaela

throw caution to the wind and start packing! we’re sure one of these will help you check off a few items from your bucket list!

rummage is hiring!

we’re looking for someone special to fill this position! self-motivated, responsible candidates with a positive attitude, a love for all things vintage and a team player spirit, please apply!

job duties include sales, customer service, photographing and entering inventory, retouching images, maintaining shop website and social media platforms, creating marketing/promotional materials for mailers, communicating with vendors and clients, organizing rentals and designer memos, conceptualizing window displays and showroom aesthetics, and maintaining overall shop appearances. must have experience with retail pos systems, excellent verbal and written skills, and a proficiency in photoshop is a must!

the position is full time, mon-fri with an occasional saturday, or tues-sat if you’d prefer, 1030am-6p/hourly wage tbd based on experience. training to begin next week!

if you or someone you know fits the bill, please email us at info@rummagehome.com

art house: elisa strozyk

being a huge fan of fibers design and innovative wood work, we were in awe when we spotted the experimental work of elisa strozyk. born in berlin, strozyk received her master’s degree in future textile design from londons central saint martins college in 2009. although she is a young artist, her work is redefining the way we use and relate to everyday materials. wooden textiles, her most indepth series of work, challenges us to break through the self-imposed limitations we currently have on decor accents. wooden textiles was created for an entirely new tactile experience, and to literally reconnect us with an extremely familiar material in a way we have never known. beyond reconnecting us, it is reminding us to use natural materials that grow abundantly, over man made products that create much more waste and may harm the environment. her incredible half wood, half textile creations are something we have surely never seen before! to see more of her work visit her website.

all images via elisa strozyk

trade secrets: recipe to eclectic

many of my clients come to me because they love the way i layer items and the eclectic touches i create with just the right mix of furniture and accessories. the truth is, there is a science to the eclectic madness, and there is a very fine line between eclectic and chaotic. but do not fear, i am here to make that line just a bit clearer!

my store, rummage, is an excellent example of this eclectic philosophy. at first glance, the way the rummage store is laid out, you would think that all the items were placed haphazardly and it just works somehow. wrong. there is a methodical system to the way items are laid out in the store and this system is no different in my client’s homes.

here are a couple tips to help you recreate eclectic style in your home without going overboard:

  • quality – invest in some interesting and unique statement pieces. i love pieces with history that tell a story and spark curiosity. the quality statement piece may be a pit pricey but it can make a world of a different in your space.
  • common thread- make sure that the pieces you place near each other have a common thread, for example if you place a wood dresser in a room  the item near it should have a bit of wood detail, or somehow reference the color or finish of the wood.
  • color coded- I’m not big on “color schemes” but I am aware of the color palette I am creating in a room at all times. each element that is added to a room is an opportunity to create an additional layer. don’t introduce a color or texture that has nothing to do with your existing pieces, stick with a unique color that compliments the environment you are creating.
  • pop of color- the basic principles of color theory are a useful guide. want a bold, off color for pop? pick the complimentary color (or opposite on the color wheel) of the color you’re working with.  have a blue sofa in need of a little whimsy? throw an orange pillow on it for a little contrast, it will create immediate balance and fun!
  • make a statement- i love adding a few unexpected elements into a room. consider a trip to your local flea market to score some unique and one-of-a-kind elements to add color and interest. your guests will never guess how you got your hands on that vintage 1920’s circus mirror and i will never tell!
  • the perfect mix: mix different styles and eras in restraint. this is where it gets tricky. i love mixing things up, but I wouldn’t suggest having every piece in a room from a different era or style. there needs to be a cohesive element to the décor that allows for a more complete and unified space. so instead try to add 1 or 2 unexpected elements. the look still reads eclectic but you avoid that chaotic mix which creates confusion and feels cluttered.

for some more great examples of successful mixed style environments check out my book Vintage Remix!

aesthetically speaking: faux taxidermy

we love animals and find their presence to be an essential part of every home. whether a sweet puppy (or three!) to snuggle with, or a more figurative critter, such as a carved owl to accessorize our bookshelves, we love them all! so it is not surprise that we are loving the faux taxidermy trend! not only is faux taxidermy far more humane than the real deal, it is definitely more playful and colorful as well! no eerie ‘deer in headlights’ eyes here.

from a beach front living room to a children’s bedroom, there is a perfect faux animal for every room! love the idea but not sure how to choose? we have narrowed down some our favorite pieces for you below!

1. iron horse head

2. recycled rhino head

3. glittery antler deer head

4. black and gold ram head

5. papier-mâché moose head

6. pink elephant head

sweet bob

he was my love, my inspiration, my companion, my heart, my soul, my little engine who overcame adversity with a big smile on his little face. i’ll miss him more than words …

bob perera 12 aug 95 – 18 may13

bday headshot IMG00415-20111022-1350  carwash IMG00029-20110423-1151 IMG00019-20091108-1432 bobbob 16th bob heart


hunt & gather: calico wallpaper

we have always been fans of wallpaper. we love the unique way it can alter a room depending on the pattern, color, or texture it has. currently, we are just fascinated by the interesting array of marble style wallpaper designs put out by the brooklyn based atelier, calico wallpaper. the duo behind the designs, rachel mosler and nick cope (eco paint extraordinaire of green painting) truly are artists in their own right, influenced by nature, space, and versailles just to name a few of their inspirations for their wallpaper designs. currently, they have created three distinct collections aptly titled versailles, lunaris, and wabi. we are eagerly anticipating the incorporation of these marbled masterpieces into our future projects! here are a few great shots of these awe inspiring creations:

via calico wallpaper

to find out more about calico, please visit their website & facebook page!


rummage giveaway!

remember our giveaway from earlier this week?  well we’ve extended it though the end of the month giving you more opportunities to win! if you haven’t already, join our mailing list to win by visiting rummage home. already joined? tweet, share or pin the giveaway image to win! or, do it all to increase your chances!  two lucky winners will be announced february 1st!