bibliophile: rock the shack

“the expanding small house movement serves as a direct reaction against the excessive consumption and superfluousness of the past- a cultural striptease that becomes more enticing the more it takes off.”

the quote above really struck a chord with us while reading the awe inspiring book we discovered over the holidays, rock the shack: the architecture of cabins, cocoons, and hideouts. although we love luxury, this book has us thinking about going off the grid! if you’re in need of amazing getaway inspiration look no further, rock the shack has 240 pages of dwellings that connect people back with nature, from intricately detailed cabins to sparse tree houses. we chose a couple of our favorite hideouts below, including hut on sleds by crosson clarke carnachan architects, polyhedron habitable by manuel villa architects, and villa asserbo by eentileen with facit homes. every project in the book is unique and intriguing, while promoting the idea of sustainable living.



art house: andy goldsworthy

world renowned, award winning artist, andy goldsworthy, has had the world in awe for close to 40 years. thanks to mister finch we got a look at some of his newer work recently and are enraptured all over again. goldsworthy, is a british sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, who produces site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. most of us were introduced to goldsworthy in the 2001 documentary directed by thomas riedelsheiner, rivers and tides, which documents goldsworthy in action, at home in his natural surroundings. if you havent seen it, is a must watch and can be viewed in its entirety on youtube.

goldsworthy is most famous for his ephemeral works, in which he often uses only his bare hands, teeth, and found tools to prepare and arrange the materials. the materials used in his art often include brightly colored flowers, icicles, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns. there is no glue involved, no paint, no scissors, just nature. goldsworthy takes great pride in the process of his art, which seems to provoke a meditative quality in creator and viewer. his work below is just a small sampling of his large and ever growing collection.

via museum of peripheral art

via goldsworthy digital catalogue 

via iamparagon



hunt & gather: fall throw trend

for better or for worse, 2012 was the year of the chevron stripe. we had chevron headboards, chevron coffee mugs, and an excessive amount of chevron stripe throws. while looking for an updated throw for this fall, we saw the classic herringbone, and the traditional ultra soft throw with fringe, but we are prepping for fall with moroccan inspired textiles! the typical kilim textile is based on a specific type of weaving, and can be very intricate and full of color. today we are opting for a more modern kilim style print, merging eastern technique and western simplicity. whether you are looking for eco-friendly, inexpensive, or simply luxurious, you’ll find your match with one of our picks for the season.

via cococozy

via cococozy

via miss buttercup

1.)  uppercase knit throw

2.)  dolce moroccan throw

3.)  eco moroccan throw

4.)  all modern throw

5.)  moroccan tile throws

6.)  diamond cashmere throw

hunt and gather: soma water filter

we knew we couldn’t be the only ones tired of having an ugly water pitcher hidden in the fridge! no more trying to keep guest in the other room while we get them a glass of water thanks to soma! having met the founders of the company we are already convinced that they will live up to their three promises: ‘look great, work well, and do good.’ the simple design of the glass carafe is beautiful, and completely table worthy for a party, but they didn’t stop there. they did all the work for us here and made the water filter 100% natural and compostable! according to their article in good, they say “for the carbon granules that do most of the filtration, we identified all-natural malaysian coconut shells. for the external casing we tracked down a food-based pla composite that was surprisingly durable, even though it’s compostable. and, when it came to the final layer of filtration—which is typically done with a plastic screen, we came across a vegan silk from india.” you had us at all natural, but vegan just put it over the top!

oh wait! we haven’t even told you the best part yet. soma is partnered up with charity: water to help provide clean drinking water with proceeds from every purchase. did you know that there are over 800 million people living without clean drinking water? you can watch their journey to ethiopa #somathrive soma + charity: water to learn more. as charity: water stresses, these people didn’t choose to be born in a place with these circumstances, but for a small amount out of our pockets we can help improve their lives.  buy a beautiful and natural water filter and help those in need at the same time! we know we can’t wait to get ours!

don’t miss the soma water bar at dwell on design this weekend in los angeles where you can see their beautiful design in person!

soma water filter

wanderlust: areias do seixo

we’ve always wanted to travel to portugal. so much of the country seems to intrigue us. coincidentally, we just happened to have stumbled upon another reason to book our flights to what some call the gentle land. areias do seixo is a boutique hotel made up of 14 rooms on portugal’s costa de prata. just an hour away from lisbon lies this eco-conscious hotel with an eclectic vibe all its own. we are totally into the mix of rustic and contemporary decorative accents that make up the hotel decor and we love the fact that the hotel’s designers took inspiration from morocco and india (two other countries on our must visit list) when dreaming up the hotel.

there seems to be something truly special about this place, it’s got personality but it isn’t pretentious and the fact that the vegetables and herbs served at the hotel come from the hotel’s very own organic garden definitely is an added bonus. and have you seen the hotel bathrooms? swoon-worthy to say the least! let’s just say we’re brushing up on our portuguese…

via areias do seixo

aesthetically speaking: garden walls

although we can’t say that we’ve been blessed with green thumbs, we can safely say that we love a good garden wall. we know these have popped up everywhere lately and we couldn’t be happier about it. we find the color and texture these walls add to a space to be truly impactful. to us, a room without a little bit of plant or floral action can feel cold, so we happily welcome the addition of these green walls to an indoor or outdoor space! another fun fact is that these eco-design wonders actually add more oxygen to your home which is not a bad benefit. we gathered a few great inspiration photos below to motivate you to get started on your very own garden wall! happy planting!

via pinterest

art house: el anatsui

every once in a while we find ourselves completely drawn to an artist and his or her vision. el anatsui has us firmly in his grasp with his magical art creations. a sculptor from ghana, el anatsui has shown his works of art at many prominent museums around the world. inspired by the traditional kente cloths and the unique weaving process used to create them, el anatsui manages to create pieces that at first glance seem to be colorful fabric and gold tapestries but upon closer investigation, are found to be made of salvaged materials such as cans and bottle caps as well as aluminium and copper wire. there is something so refreshing and inspiring about this juxtaposition of the old and discarded being transformed into such rich and beautiful masterpieces. it really gives new meaning to that age old saying “one person’s trash…”.

here are some of our favorites from el anatsui’s vast collection:


hovor, aluminium and copper wire

in the world but don’t know the world, 2011. aluminium and copper wire

skylines’, 2008. aluminium and copper wire

El Anatsui (Ghana), Duvor (communal cloth), 2007. Aluminium and copper wire, 400 x 500 cm.duvor (communal cloth), 2007. aluminium and copper wire

via october gallery

 El Anatsui (Ghana), Drifting Continents (2009)drifting continents (2009) via intramoenia extrart

gravity and grace via brooklyn museum

El Anatsui They Finally Broke the Pot of Wisdom 2011they finally broke the pot of wisdom, 2011 via jack shainman gallery

to learn more about el anatsui and his magical works of art, please watch the video here!