our week

some weeks we feel as if the weekend will never arrive, while this week we are wondering where the time went! this week has been such a wonderful one that we cannot complain for one second. we were able to shoot two completed projects back to back days; one in the palisades and the other in los feliz. this means a trip to the flower mart downtown and a days worth of creating beautiful floral arrangements! the ladies at the kpi office love just about any creative outlet and it is a nice way to mix up the week – working with beautiful flowers and all! we were also able to spend these two full days with our favorite, incredibly talented photographer, joe schmelzer! on another exciting note, rummage is sending off two of our favorite chairs to a new owner and we will soon be seeing them in a magazine feature! we will be sharing once it comes out, of course. we are all looking forward to a weekend full of slightly cooler temps to enjoy the outdoors! kp will continue unpacking while some of us plan to visit one of the many, many museum exhibits on our list right now. be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep us with us throughout the week!

does this photo even need a caption? i mean…those head tilts.


these guest posts by jealous curator are too funny, we love the idea!

we told you our museum visit list is getting long, our priority must sees our here, here, and here

we just cannot get enough of this song this week, love her voice and makes us giggle

if you have plenty of time for some serious wanderlust and adoration of this beautiful photography, please enjoy this post

yes, we have three pups to swoon over all week, but this little sweetheart (who has yet to grow into those paws) just melted our hearts

never crossed our minds to wonder what the interior of a bullet looks like, but these photographs are incredible

spotted this feature of one of our favorites, mister finch, in one of our favorite magazines! if you don’t know his work, you need to check him out here

speaking of art, kp discussed art and everyday life recently with artspace magazine. great tips if you’re on the hunt!

we’re obsessed with these gorgeous tiles! just installed a floor to ceiling backsplash wall of the ‘asal’ that we cannot wait to show you photographs of!