hot off the press: luxe magazine los angeles

we are always so happy and humbled to be featured in one of our favorite design magazines! this month, luxe interiors & design magazine asked us to share a go-to source with all of you!

see our feature below to find out who it is!

hot off the press: lonny magazine

we are so honored and excited to be featured in lonny magazine this month!

we spent over two years involved in the rehab and design of michael c. hall’s home, and are so happy to finally share it with you! this project was a joy from beginning to end – not only did we have the opportunity to bring new life to a 1920’s spanish home, we then had the opportunity to collaborate on the interiors with michael on his new home.  from tile to lighting,  furniture and textiles, this home encompasses some of our favorite details and elements.

thank you again, to lonny for featuring our work!

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hot off the press: hgtv magazine

we are so excited! just in time for spring, hgtv magazine shared a beautiful outdoor space designed by kp and provided a ‘get the look’ guide! this outdoor space epitomizes the timeless use of black and white with a pop of color, which also works so well with the dramatic black trim and white stucco of the home itself. the classic black and white also provides a perfect backdrop for changing out the pillows for a new season, or new trending color, for an updated look without needing to change the entire set of cushions. we are so honored that they selected this outdoor space to inspire you all for a new spring look! we love this space, and think this guide is a great and affordable way to get this look. thank you again to hgtv for sharing kp’s design!

hot off the press: roco mag

we are so honored and excited to share kp’s feature in roco mag’s issue no. 8! not only is roco a wonderful source of inspiration, but it is one of our favorite, go-to quarterly magazines. we would like to sincerely thank them for the feature, but most of all for their kind words. kp is grateful to be able to share her passion for design and all things vintage with people across the globe! her inspiration comes from anything; a colorful old schoolhouse she saw across town, to a beautiful array of flowers she saw while walking her three pugs. beauty is everywhere in everything, and her shop, rummage, is also a  perfect example of her talented eye. we again would like to thank roco mag for the feature and ability to spread inspiration globally! check out the entire feature below, and be sure to subscribe for additional inspiration!

hot off the press: family circle

it is so common to find yourself stumped on throw pillows for your sofa! in the store you may fall in love with a pair of pillows, but when you get home they just are not quite the fabulous trio with your sofa. well, kp knows how to effortlessly dress a beautiful sofa and she is gracious in sharing her secrets! this month, family circle asked her to share a few tips with all of you in their ‘get inspired’ feature! we are flattered they asked for our advice and of course, happy to share. see her tips below, and be sure to pick up your march copy of family circle!

our week

phew! we are a little behind here, but as you can guess, it is because these past few weeks have been insane! a few of us got hit with the flu at the exact time we got hit with new projects and demanding deadlines. that is always how it happens, right? sickness hits at the most inopportune times. the good news is, we are all back to 100% and there has been nothing but positive, exciting things brewing at the kpi office! if you missed the pugs’ first official press feature, you need to check it out here! those sweeties of ours are doing great and loving their new home. while someone in the office is super excited to dog sit the cuties while kp sneaks away for a top secret trip. don’t worry, details of this will come very soon! we must admit, with all of our site visits and slab yard explorations behind us for the week, we are all guilty of fully enjoying this rain for the weekend. speaking of slab yards, we loved this article covering alternate options to granite countertops. there are so many, and a few of our favorites are limestone, soapstone, and quartzite. we have stock piled so many other great finds to share with you below! as always, be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram, and like us on facebook to keep up with us all throughout the week!

hoping you all get to stay cozy inside and enjoy the rainy weekend! -dh

kp visited gracias madre recently and loved it! their menu is comprised of local, organic, non gmo, vegan, mexican food!

talk about a yummy complete package!


we keep seeing these little copper mugs and picturing them in our cabinets! they’re a total steal. worth the not-so-impulse purchase?

this just gave us all a good chuckle and we all agreed on these realities!

talk about a gallery wall! we love the daring mix of vintage frames on this packed photo wall! (third photo)

just this incredibly adorable panda photo we came across on pinterest. is this real life?!

we are so anxious to see how this will all turn out! would you purchase this if it was 100% safe?

kp was featured in house beautiful’s march issue! we are so grateful to have been selected!

have you heard?! three new target collaborations are coming from top pinners: oh joy, poppytalk, and wit & delight. here is the first peek from oh joy’s collab!

we aren’t much for the quotes and saying prints, but these lighthearted and simple pieces might make us think twice. we love a little unexpected humor!

one of our favorite custom rummage chandeliers sold this week! always bittersweet, but thankfully we can always custom make a new one!

this. scarf. enough said. actually no, ‘sale’ was another essential word! someone purchased this just in time for the cold and rainy weekend!


hot off the press: the animal print shop

this might be kp’s most adorable press feature yet! plus, it is the pug packs first official press feature! they are pretty excited for you to see their professional photos snapped by our dear friend, sharon montrose. not only is sharon a wonderful friend, but she is an incredibly talented photographer, with an emphasis on animal photography! we are so honored to be selected for her first installment in a new series on her blog, ‘pets and their people‘. you may remember a peek of her work when we featured her book, menagrie, on our blog this past fall. if you are not familiar with her or her work, you must stop by the animal print shop and check her out. prepare for truly awe inspiring cuteness.

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be sure to check out the full blog feature here!

our week

some weeks we feel as if the weekend will never arrive, while this week we are wondering where the time went! this week has been such a wonderful one that we cannot complain for one second. we were able to shoot two completed projects back to back days; one in the palisades and the other in los feliz. this means a trip to the flower mart downtown and a days worth of creating beautiful floral arrangements! the ladies at the kpi office love just about any creative outlet and it is a nice way to mix up the week – working with beautiful flowers and all! we were also able to spend these two full days with our favorite, incredibly talented photographer, joe schmelzer! on another exciting note, rummage is sending off two of our favorite chairs to a new owner and we will soon be seeing them in a magazine feature! we will be sharing once it comes out, of course. we are all looking forward to a weekend full of slightly cooler temps to enjoy the outdoors! kp will continue unpacking while some of us plan to visit one of the many, many museum exhibits on our list right now. be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep us with us throughout the week!

does this photo even need a caption? i mean…those head tilts.


these guest posts by jealous curator are too funny, we love the idea!

we told you our museum visit list is getting long, our priority must sees our here, here, and here

we just cannot get enough of this song this week, love her voice and makes us giggle

if you have plenty of time for some serious wanderlust and adoration of this beautiful photography, please enjoy this post

yes, we have three pups to swoon over all week, but this little sweetheart (who has yet to grow into those paws) just melted our hearts

never crossed our minds to wonder what the interior of a bullet looks like, but these photographs are incredible

spotted this feature of one of our favorites, mister finch, in one of our favorite magazines! if you don’t know his work, you need to check him out here

speaking of art, kp discussed art and everyday life recently with artspace magazine. great tips if you’re on the hunt!

we’re obsessed with these gorgeous tiles! just installed a floor to ceiling backsplash wall of the ‘asal’ that we cannot wait to show you photographs of!


hot off the press: artspace magazine

this past week kp was interviewed by artspace magazine to discuss art and everyday life! if you feel you don’t know how to buy art, or are unsure on exactly how to display your art, this article is for you! also note that art doesn’t have to be expensive, we have found plenty of great pieces that we love at flea markets for an affordable price. see the full interview below for some great advice and be sure to visit artspace for online art shopping!

our week

this week has been seriously exciting and stressful at the kpi office! we had multiple deadlines, completed two projects in los feliz, and kp’s very own home is finally move-in ready! the pups have continued to help us pack all week, and stayed safe in the old house while we continuously clean and check their new yard for leftover screws, bolts, or anything else they might find to chew on. (because they will find it!) we are so excitied for our three pugs to have such a large backyard to play in! don’t worry, their will be photos coming up for our los feliz project so soon and once kp is settled in, we’ll do the big before and after reveal! we cannot wait to share with you. even in the most hectic of times, we still stumble across little laughs that we pass around the office. along with the beautiful objects we find to keep us inspired, and hoping to someday add to our own homes! we love to share these finds with you every week and hope that you enjoy them too! be sure to follow us on twitter and add us on facebook for sneak peeks throughout the week!

our handsome petey pie catching some rays during this winter heat wave!


we all love getting to know ourselves a little better, so this vocab test was a must take

looking for the perfect, modern brass sconces for your home? we happen to have a knack for designing unique fixtures that are sure to be envied

somebody stumbled on these modern and adorable dollhouses and we were all brought back to our childhood

speaking of childhood, we would love to view these colossal animal balloon sculptures in person. so much fun.

we obviously 100% agree with this buzzfeed list about pugs and yes, we keep up with buzzfeed for the adorable animal photos

what do we love more than wallpaper? a great round up of wallpapers, and this is our favorite one in a very long time

we think a great new year’s resolution is to help out (adopt) a pug in need. it is a win win situation, they’re safe and you have a new best friend!

we love this throwback thursday of a beautiful room divider designed by eugene masselink

kp was featured in artspace magazine and discussed creating a balanced home for art and everyday life

this week saw the installation of these sconces in one of our los feliz projects and they are just gorgeous