aesthetically speaking: halloween

halloween is around the corner and it’s time to get your halloween atmosphere going! our whimsical halloweeny items will help you add that special spark to your celebration.

hej1. ceramic rubber glove mold 2. vintage display dome 3. vintage dental mold 4. vintage books

hhhhh1. vintage oval vase 2. pair of brass candle sticks 3. vintage ceramic pitcher 4. pair of mirrors 5. smoked drinking glasses 6. brass serpentine tray

bibliophile: rock the shack

“the expanding small house movement serves as a direct reaction against the excessive consumption and superfluousness of the past- a cultural striptease that becomes more enticing the more it takes off.”

the quote above really struck a chord with us while reading the awe inspiring book we discovered over the holidays, rock the shack: the architecture of cabins, cocoons, and hideouts. although we love luxury, this book has us thinking about going off the grid! if you’re in need of amazing getaway inspiration look no further, rock the shack has 240 pages of dwellings that connect people back with nature, from intricately detailed cabins to sparse tree houses. we chose a couple of our favorite hideouts below, including hut on sleds by crosson clarke carnachan architects, polyhedron habitable by manuel villa architects, and villa asserbo by eentileen with facit homes. every project in the book is unique and intriguing, while promoting the idea of sustainable living.



hot off the press: the animal print shop

this might be kp’s most adorable press feature yet! plus, it is the pug packs first official press feature! they are pretty excited for you to see their professional photos snapped by our dear friend, sharon montrose. not only is sharon a wonderful friend, but she is an incredibly talented photographer, with an emphasis on animal photography! we are so honored to be selected for her first installment in a new series on her blog, ‘pets and their people‘. you may remember a peek of her work when we featured her book, menagrie, on our blog this past fall. if you are not familiar with her or her work, you must stop by the animal print shop and check her out. prepare for truly awe inspiring cuteness.

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be sure to check out the full blog feature here!

hunt & gather: valentine’s day gifts

valentine’s day is a hallmark proclaimed lover’s holiday, but just because you’re solo this year shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the heart-drenched hoopla around the 14th day of february! we love getting gifts for our parents, since they will least expect it! even better, for your single friends, especially those recently single, and obviously our pups who are our most loyal and adorable valentines. i mean, you love these people, right? so why not take this day to celebrate any loving relationships in your life. a valentine’s day gift should be sweet and simple, either something that will make them laugh or something small to keep in their home or on their work desk that will make them smile and think of you. we’re not trying to be serious and sappy here!

 1.  for the sweet and stylish vintage lover in your life, these pastel tumblers are a unique and fun gift.

2.  for the design lover in your life, we suggest this gorgeous, hand embroidered pillow by leah singh as a cozy reminder of your love.

3.  for the candy lover in your life, sugarfina carries tasting boxes of various gourmet candy to satisfy that sweet tooth.

4.  for a special lady in your life, we really love the simplicity yet distinct design of this hammered gold bar necklace. great for layering with other dainty pieces.

5.  for the eco-friendly lover in your life, these beautiful vases are hand-painted, recycled fire extinguishers!

6.  for the animal lover in your life, or in our case for the pug pack, these assorted dog treat trays are our favorite way to spoil our valentines!

7.  for the gardener in your life, these seed bombs have become all the rage and we think they will appreciate thinking of you as the flowers grow!

8.  for the tiniest lovers in your life, we love this finger puppet set that is sure to bring endless smiles and bouts of playful creativity!

9.  for the art lover in your life, this book is a lighthearted reminder they can keep on their coffee table as a reminder of your love for them!

hot off the press: artspace magazine

this past week kp was interviewed by artspace magazine to discuss art and everyday life! if you feel you don’t know how to buy art, or are unsure on exactly how to display your art, this article is for you! also note that art doesn’t have to be expensive, we have found plenty of great pieces that we love at flea markets for an affordable price. see the full interview below for some great advice and be sure to visit artspace for online art shopping!

our week

even while the kpi ladies are spread out across the country for the holidays, we haven’t stopped sharing all of our usual finds for the week! with a little extra spare time to search for after christmas deals and cute holiday animal photos, we’ve got some links worth sharing with you for the week! please forgive us for our quiet time as we have been busy soaking up time with family! we have loved sharing 2013 with you all, and hope to share even more with you in 2014! be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook for sneak peeks of our projects, and check back to the blog for our completed projects coming up so soon!

first christmas with all of the perera pups! we couldn’t ask for more happiness!


with fast approaching holiday travel, we couldn’t make it to the la renegade craft fair, but we are scouring the local vendor list!

since we can’t travel as much as we would like, we’re wanderlusting away with this list of 23 world travel instagrams

still going on, our rummage end of the year sale! snag up those long lusted-after vintage pieces for a steal!

we love this list of random act of kindness, especially as a little (belated) holiday gift to a stranger

chocolate tubes of syrup ‘oil paints’ would be a fun, and potentially messy, activity for all ages. we’re thinking wine and chocolate on a new level.

we agree, we’d like to open this book and watch the reaction of strangers on an elevator, or a child at bedtime

intricately cut newspaper pages transform into lace-like art with the combination of an xacto blade and serious patience!

this book has one hundred years worth of exclusive stories and photographs from the beverly hills hotel and surrounding city

we’re sharing one of our favorite bathroom remodel projects along with some great tips for taking on your own bathroom renovation on pop sugar home!

have you seen the adorable holiday outfits that our friend tuna sported this year?

holiday gift guide: for the foodie & for the traveler

we all have at least one foodie in our life who talks about ingredients we have never heard of, and has every kitchen gadget imaginable. if not this foodie, you definitely have the foodie in your life who loves food and every single thing about it, even if they might not have their cooking skills up to par just yet! either way, we found some unique gifts that will fit the bill this year!

  1. cookie stamps for a cute way to ‘trademark’ their homemade treasures
  2. cooking classes for the foodie who hasn’t quite mastered a certain cuisine
  3. big jug of organic maple syrup because maple syrup can be used in various recipes and is always amazing
  4. handcrafted blue net bag to display your produce or transport it home from the market
  5. smoked arbequina extra virgin olive oil for the foodie who knows the power of olive oil best
  6. keurig mini because honestly, we couldn’t live without ours and the pop of color makes it even better
  7. cheese survival kit complete with cheat sheet for storing, tasting, and serving
  8.  garden in a bag is an adorable way for a foodie to grow herbs on their kitchen windowsill
  9. green herbal tea kit for the foodie in your life who wants to try every tea under the sun
  10. cocktails by daniel boulud is a two volume collection; one for him and one for her


we all have that traveler in our life who we can’t even keep track of these days; whether it is that awesome job they took or their gypsy soul that keeps them from sitting still. it is hard to find them something unique and useful for their lifestyle, but we think we’ve found a good round up this year. hopefully you’ll agree!


  1. another destination pouch is a great gift your traveler can keep with them as a reminder of you
  2. african basket bowl is both beautiful and useful; and small enough to travel along if they like
  3. diana f+ is a classic and cool way for the traveler to capture all of their memories
  4. luggage scale to keep that impulse buyer and/or excessive packer in check while traveling
  5. standard travel umbrella in ultra compact case, complete with lightening bolt design
  6. 4 in 1 color blocked adapter for the traveler who never knows what country they will be in tomorrow
  7. f1 lift for baggage eye mask because if they’re going to look silly on the plane they might as well make a joke about it
  8. chalkboard globe for the traveler who gives many meanings to making their own map of the world
  9. compact blender and chopper for the traveler who loves to make their own creations anywhere they go
  10. 36 hours. 125 weeks in europe. may present itself as a challenge to the ambitious traveler in your life


holiday gift guide: for your boss & for the art lover

your boss will never tell you anything on their list, so you’re left to guess what they don’t already have and would love to receive this year. this can be tough, but thankfully we put some real thought into our top ten picks this year!

  1. owl-engraved desk calendar is a gorgeous and simple take on the expected new year calendar gift
  2. white whale mixers are bold in every sense; design, humor, and flavor
  3. miky ipad slipcase with cardholder and usb card holder is sleek and practical
  4. copper patina planter because how can you go wrong with a copper planter?
  5. pine made pie box for safe and chemical free transport of their beloved homemade pies
  6. brass magnifying stand is both aesthetically pleasing and useful in viewing the finer things in life
  7. wire pencil holder for a more industrial and stylish way to organize writing utensils
  8. black push pencil from the classic company, kaweco, comes a sleek mechanical pencil
  9. therm-o bottle is the ultimate eco-friendly, reusable bottle; featuring a removable tea strainer
  10. acrylic and gold tone stapler and tape dispenser would look great on any stylish boss’ desk this year


we know the art lover in our life doesn’t want for us to buy them art, but we still want to find that unique art related item that they never knew they couldn’t live without! we found some seriously artsy items we are particularly excited about this year!

  1. ancient kauri wood geo sculpture for the modern art and sculpture lover in your life
  2. modern art desserts by caitlin freeman pleases the eye and the tummy, if you’re ambitious enough to try
  3. paint strokes iphone case by rifle paper co. is the perfect pop of color and unexpected design
  4. antique style craft scissors because honestly, these are beautiful and we need them just because
  5. mirrored half circle garland for the art lover who could also use a little mirror action in their home
  6. rising of the setting sun painting by wayne pate for an affordable and cheery piece of art
  7. mini coloring book for the art lover in your life who enjoys drawing and/or coloring
  8. pantone inspirational color palettes for the art lover who truly loves color
  9. moca membership for the art lover who frequents the museum and would love to do so freely
  10. decorative hand painted arrow to serve an aesthetic and possibly symbolic purpose for an art lover



holiday gift guide: for her & for him

i am always keeping my eyes open for great gifts throughout the year for my friends and family. this way i avoid the mad dash and ensure that my gifts are truly personal for the recipient. when it comes down to the wire, it can seem so overwhelming and hard to find those unique gifts that will be most appreciated! don’t fret, we have done the work for you and rounded up so many wonderful and unique gifts this year! we will be starting with for her and for him, but have many more guides to come so check back for even more ideas.

  1. easterly blanket in citrus, white, and graphite is a bright way to stay cozy and warm
  2. metallic handwoven palm bins for a twist on her usual storage basket
  3. stackable wooden vases to fit any size bouquet you might give her alongside
  4. body milk that smells amazing, dries fast, and isn’t shiny; perfect
  5. handmade oversize scarf in cheery colorways to bring a bright pop to a gloomy day
  6. earbuds with gold accent cage is the perfect little touch of elegance for her ears
  7. metallic flash tattoos if she tends to break and/or lose jewelry too often
  8. marbleized box so she has a beautiful place to hide away her jewelry
  9. porcelain tray for a beautiful jewelry tray or general catch all
  10. sequin baskets for storage or even plants if she loves all the sparkles


okay, we all know women can be difficult to shop for, but most of us can agree that men are even more so! most guys don’t care so much for things that are more beautiful than useful, so we search high and low for the perfect item he can use but will also think is totally awesome.

  1. sleek tube of dice for the man in your life who loves to play the odds
  2. plaid bow tie because honestly, what guy wouldn’t look dapper in this?
  3. wooden watch for the trendy man who also loves the environment
  4. usb message in a bottle is the perfect way to give a love note to your techy man
  5. handrail grill for the man who loves to grill but doesn’t have much outdoor space
  6. hammer bag because we could all use some organizing assistance sometimes
  7. shaving kit to add a little bit of lux to his daily, or weekly, routine
  8. figue noire candle for the man who loves a great, yet masculine, smelling abode
  9. whiskey & cards set because game night and a stiff drink to sip go hand in hand
  10. ereader book cover to add a classic touch to your man’s ipad or kindle this year

bibliophile: menagerie

in the words of walt whitman, “i think i could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contained, i stand and look at them long and long.” this poignant quote opens sharon montrose’s most recent book, menagerie. melding her passion for photography with her love of animals, award winning artist, and friend,  sharon montrose’s definitive photographic style has made her one of the most sought-after commercial photographers specializing in animals for over a decade. here at kp we love to shop her amazing online store, the animal print shop. prints from the animal print shop, specifically her series’ babies and little darlings can be seen adorning some of the most perfect nurseries and children’s bedrooms. being long time friends, we love seeing sharon’s new work, and even have a little top secret project we are currently working on together! stay tuned for more animal prints and of course darling nurseries.

via the animal print shop