aesthetically speaking: the photography of erik madigan heck

we have been fascinated with the vibrant photography of erik madigan heck ever since we stumbled upon the first photo below in harper’s bazaar that reminded us of frida kahlo! ever since then we have been following his work on instagram, which we highly recommend you give it a follow for inspiring images from his portfolio. below is a retrospective of some our favorite fashion photography that he has done in just the past year alone! we absolutely love the way he captures the blurring of lines between fashion and art through photography!

erik madigan heck 1 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 2 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 3 via kishani perera blog


 erik madigan heck 4 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 5 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 6 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 7 via kishani perera blog


erik madigan heck 8 via kishani perera blog


aesthetically speaking: feather trend

over the years at rummage, we have been very partial to vintage peacock decor because we love the design and colors that are found from the plumage of these fine feathered friends! lately, we’ve been seeing that feathers themselves are emerging as a trend not only in fashion, but also in the home. everything form art to decorative elements are making use of feathers in very beautiful and whimsical ways. you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together! so, whose loving this trend as much as we are? let us know in the comments!

peacock wall art via kishani perera blog

peacock wall art via phillips collection as spotted by the english room

 feather bloom via kishani perera blog

feather bloom wallpaper in golden plum via schumacher

nude and speckled feather wall hanging via kishani perera blog

nude and speckled feather wall hanging via kristen leigh baker

kate mcgwire feather art via kishani perera blog

kate mccgwire feather art via twisted sifter

3 tier chestnut feather bracket via kishani perera blog

3 tier chestnut feather bracket via dransfield & ross

hunt studios icarus tile via kishani perera blog

hunt studios icarus tile via filmore clark

vintage mardi gras feather mask via rummage

1960’s vintage mardi gras feather mask via rummage

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hot off the press: lonny magazine

we are so honored and excited to be featured in lonny magazine this month!

we spent over two years involved in the rehab and design of michael c. hall’s home, and are so happy to finally share it with you! this project was a joy from beginning to end – not only did we have the opportunity to bring new life to a 1920’s spanish home, we then had the opportunity to collaborate on the interiors with michael on his new home.  from tile to lighting,  furniture and textiles, this home encompasses some of our favorite details and elements.

thank you again, to lonny for featuring our work!

all images via

rummage: 6 gift ideas for father’s day

father’s day is just around the corner! men can sometimes be difficult to shop for. we’ve all been there! we hope our gift guide below is useful for you!

FATHERS DAY1. this vintage earth globe will not only be a perfect addition to his office space, but it’s great for planning his next adventure!

2. for the backgammon enthusiast on the go! he will find this handsome pierre cardin backgammon travel set ideal on his travels!

3. add an elegant and vintage touch to his office with these antique fountain pens with blue inkwell!

4. buy his favorite cigars and put them in this lovely vintage montesino cigar box. the box can be kept as a keepsake or to refill with more cigars after!

5. for the beloved handyman in your life! this vintage metal tool box is a practical gift for father’s day.

6. drinking from one of these vintage smoked drinking glasses will definitely make your dad feel ultra cool and stylish!

art house: jeffrey gibson

we stumbled upon artist jeffrey gibson by chance and we’re so glad we stayed and continued looking into his work. while his geometric abstract paintings are quite beautiful and have been a part of his newer work, we were more drawn to his adorned punching bags. visually, you can see how he draws inspiration from his native american roots, especially traditional pow-wow dance regalia as seen by the bead work, sequins, tin shingles, color, etc.. but, there is also a very modern touch and other inspirations at work here which make it very fascinating!

jeffrey gibson showroom via kishani perera blog

via new york times

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

via marc straus gallery

jeffrey gibson adorned punching bag at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

via marc straus gallery

in the december 2013 issue of artnews magazine, gibson explains his artistic choices: “the adornment references subcultural fashion, not just native american but also punk and queer – alternatives to mainstream that signal defiance and rejection of hetero-normative culture.” curator marshall n. price of the national academy museum describes gibson’s work as a “mash-up” or “remix”. some of the adorned punching bags are even wrapped in pieces of re-purposed paintings. how cool is that! sure, there is a decorative and beautiful element to this collection of work from gibson, but if you stop there you have missed the whole trajectory he has attempted to take you on. gibson further explains this best himself in this video. (mind you, there are probably quite a few kpi clients that we think would love one of his pieces in their homes!)

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

all images in this section via marc straus gallery

this summer, the southwest is in for a treat! in addition to being the subject of an exhibition at the denver art museum, gibson will begin a residency in the native arts artist-in-residence program. we’d love to be a fly on the wall for that class! some of gibson’s most recent exhibitions were at volta, national academy museum, institute of contemporary art in boston and marc straus gallery in new york city, where he is represented. we can’t wait to see what gibson does next! and, it seems we don’t have to wait too long. he recently collaborated with a peace treaty on a line of jewelry and scarves that are based on selected works of his. we are more than just a little obsessed now! how about you?

jeffrey gibson jewelry at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson scarves at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson jewelry at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

all images in this section via a peace treaty

art house: bernhard handick

german photographer and founder of shoutout magazinebernhard handick, uses any kind of technique to produce new works. from painting to photography, analogue to digital, pixelation to overlaying; the manner in which handick approaches his mixed media art is certainly destructive. having been published at vogue italiaglamcultjuxtapozwe are selecters, and washington post, handick creates collections of striking imagery which seem to fuse pieces together that, although contemporary in their foundations, carry a rather haunting undertone. of his artwork, handick says, “my understanding of myself as an artist is not that I produce artwork which is completed after my process of creation. rather, the spectator is the one who finishes the work in the particular way in which he interprets it – in this sense, he is the one to add the final brushstroke.” well said! if you enjoy bernhard’s classically deconstructed works, check out his website.


our week

where did the first two weeks of march go?! these past two weeks flew by, but wow are we exhausted! last week kp jetted off to nyc for a few days for a shoot with elle decor! uh, can we say ecstatic, honored, and so grateful? we cannot wait to share all of the details with you, and don’t worry, the wait won’t be long at all. the rest of us have been shopping and searching high to low for all of the perfect pieces for three wonderful clients. with two homes close to completion and the third just moved into, we are getting right into that time of ‘ah, finally we can see all the hard work’, which we all know is the grand prize! not to mention, the appreciation of clients who now get to enjoy their homes to the fullest! this week has also been full of wonderful events! wednesday night kp attended the arteriors opening, and last night we all ventured to downtown for the one king’s lane and hunter’s alley event! on another high note, the shop has been busier than ever recently and, as bittersweet as the letting go of our favorite objects can be, we are pretty excited to bring in fresh finds for you. if you haven’t checked in lately, stop by the rummage site to see many new pieces, and some great sale items. as always, be sure to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for updates all throughout the week!

cheers to enjoying a sunny and beautiful weekend ahead! – dh

just our bundled up beauty braving the cold in nyc!!

somebody has a real obsession with st. germain liqueur and might be a wine-o, so this cocktail should just be named after her.

i mean, we aren’t so much the rustic types, but check out all of this perfectly, gorgeous stained cement. absolutely a wanderlust list addition!

rummage is now on chairish! check out some serious steals featured on this exclusive site!

ever struggle with finding the perfect pillow combo for your sofa? kp shared her secrets with family circle to ease all of your worries!

these shelves are very scandinavian, but could be worked into so many different styles of decor. we absolutely love the unique design!

we are so in love with what this photographer is doing! our favorite creative people are those using their talent to make a real difference!

of course we had to share these andy warhol pug prints we stumbled across. do you ever see a pug and not immediately say ‘awww’?

we’re going way back on one of our favorite blogs and swooning over this adorable outdoor space all over again!

this art installation in a lake is so simple and unique. it is always inspiring just to see what other people create, and recognize how differently our minds work!

one of the ladies was hunting for a housewarming gift for a guy friend, and pretty sure these nailed it! how funny!

art house: henrique oliveira

we sure wish we had the chance to visit the palais de tokyo this past summer, so we could marvel at the custom wood installation by brazilian artist henrique oliveira. the architectural anthropomorphism, as the museum called it,  plays off the building’s existing structure, surrounding visitors in a twisted, knotted exploration of a tree-like structure. the installation is made from recycled tapume wood sticks, a typical material used in brazilian construction, the artist’s home country. the interplay of organic materials, with a man-made dimension, joins a growing trend of biologically inspired design. below you can see multiple views of the installation at the palais de tokyo, and also some beautiful examples of his previous work. to find out more about oliveira and his painterly wood installations, check out his website!

baitogogo by henrique oliveira 1baitogogo by henrique oliveira 3 baitogogo by henrique oliveira2


our week

phew! we are a little behind here, but as you can guess, it is because these past few weeks have been insane! a few of us got hit with the flu at the exact time we got hit with new projects and demanding deadlines. that is always how it happens, right? sickness hits at the most inopportune times. the good news is, we are all back to 100% and there has been nothing but positive, exciting things brewing at the kpi office! if you missed the pugs’ first official press feature, you need to check it out here! those sweeties of ours are doing great and loving their new home. while someone in the office is super excited to dog sit the cuties while kp sneaks away for a top secret trip. don’t worry, details of this will come very soon! we must admit, with all of our site visits and slab yard explorations behind us for the week, we are all guilty of fully enjoying this rain for the weekend. speaking of slab yards, we loved this article covering alternate options to granite countertops. there are so many, and a few of our favorites are limestone, soapstone, and quartzite. we have stock piled so many other great finds to share with you below! as always, be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram, and like us on facebook to keep up with us all throughout the week!

hoping you all get to stay cozy inside and enjoy the rainy weekend! -dh

kp visited gracias madre recently and loved it! their menu is comprised of local, organic, non gmo, vegan, mexican food!

talk about a yummy complete package!


we keep seeing these little copper mugs and picturing them in our cabinets! they’re a total steal. worth the not-so-impulse purchase?

this just gave us all a good chuckle and we all agreed on these realities!

talk about a gallery wall! we love the daring mix of vintage frames on this packed photo wall! (third photo)

just this incredibly adorable panda photo we came across on pinterest. is this real life?!

we are so anxious to see how this will all turn out! would you purchase this if it was 100% safe?

kp was featured in house beautiful’s march issue! we are so grateful to have been selected!

have you heard?! three new target collaborations are coming from top pinners: oh joy, poppytalk, and wit & delight. here is the first peek from oh joy’s collab!

we aren’t much for the quotes and saying prints, but these lighthearted and simple pieces might make us think twice. we love a little unexpected humor!

one of our favorite custom rummage chandeliers sold this week! always bittersweet, but thankfully we can always custom make a new one!

this. scarf. enough said. actually no, ‘sale’ was another essential word! someone purchased this just in time for the cold and rainy weekend!


our week

happy february! february is exciting, right? okay, maybe we just had a really nice week here and are now riding on our anticipation of the approaching weekend! even after a great week, sometimes we just get a little more enthusiastic on friday. this week solidified some new, big jobs that we are very excited about! we also packed the week full of site visits for many of our projects that are currently under construction. there is something about a site under construction that always seems to be colder than it even is outside. so of course, on this chilly week we spent plenty of time outside and in even colder shells of homes! we aren’t complaining (too much) because the progress is wonderful and dramatic! we have to admit, we were pretty excited for the cool weather. what a perfect excuse to cook our favorite comfort foods and lay low for a bit. and someone has also used it as an excuse to snuggle her pup and binge watch breaking bad, finally. she complained for days about being exhausted before admitting why! busted. unfortunately, we have all been guilty of this at one time or another!
while laying low after work this week, we came across some great links and items to share with you! we will also continue sharing some valentine’s day gift ideas we come across, so be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook for some unique finds for the loved ones in your life!

have a wonderful weekend! -dh

our first sneak peek of kp’s new home! gosh it is beautiful, we cannot wait to share more!


someone has a new fireplace that is just missing one of these on the mantel. it would also be a great accessory for a coffee table, or really wherever!

we love this artistic arrangement of algae art! reminded us of our blog featuring klari reis’ petri dish paintings.

stumbled across this little shop thanks one of our favorite blogs! we are especially into the artisan woven straw mats. we will take two of each of them, please!

between all of the artwork, the onyx wall, and the stunning paul evans sofa, this home has our mouth agape.

it was a bittersweet week for rummage. we parted ways with many beloved items, but welcomed in a vintage chandelier and antique camera we recently snagged!

the kpi ladies are pretty excited for valentine’s day this year. did you see our gift guide yet? also, the rummage gift guide has some serious goodies this year!

we still have mixed feelings about this human font. it is partially hilarious, but just so bizarre!

this cool down in los angeles has us craving warm, hearty, comfort foods like chili! the best part? this recipe is vegan!

we will definitely miss philip seymour hoffman, but were very warmed by these featured quotes by him. we can all relate.