I just love this Pillow Talk invention by Joanna Montgomery.  It’s a creative way to connect long distance lovers through their heartbeat!

Each person wears a ring sensor to bed which wirelessly communicates with your partner’s pillow.  When one person goes to bed the other person’s pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence.  And once you lay down to cuddle with your glowing pillow you hear and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one.

Unfortunately this product is not yet on the market but my fingers are crossed that it isn’t too long before distant lovers are able to connect intimately!

valentine’s wish list!

Delight your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a unique and beautiful vintage gift from Rummage! 

Gifts for Her

mother of pearl jewelry box
vintage necklace
vintage english tea pot
milkglass bud vase
vintage brass peacock with storage
mother of pearl pillbox
vintage brass crab with storage
african glass beaded necklace
petit brass peacock
vintage purple dress form floor lamp
indian tribal bracelet
vintage yellow peacock tin
vintage vanity with stool
small gold vase

Gifts for Him

ever-ready sterilized 100t shaving set
vintage zenith chronometer
victorian ivory necktie box
vintage english rolls razor
japanese brass martime compass
vintage smoked drinking glasses
vintage bodum teapot set
owl letter opener with magnify glass
gin, rum, and rye bottles

Gifts for All

decanter and glass set
victorian padlocks with key
antique cast iron elephant bank
blue glass decanter
pink flame stitch pillow
pink flame stitch pillow
felted wool magenta pillow with blue, pink, and cyan stripes
wool magenta pillow with blue, pink, and cyan stripes









Check out these neat and innovative products I stumbled upon at uncommongoods.com.  This online marketplace offers fun designs from chairs made out of retired athletic equipment to table lamps made from old instruments!

Not only does uncommongoods.com offer creative and exciting merchandise they also produce products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner featuring sustainable and recycled components.  If that wasn’t enough, they also offer a Better to Give Program which donates a dollar from every order to a non-profit organization of your choice!

mth woodworks!

MTH Woodworks is to thank for these beautiful pieces!  Design duo Michael Host and Tanja Hinder from Vancouver combine salvaged tree stumps and branches with organic resin, creating truly one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. MTH Woodworks’ mission is, “to connect people with BC’s beautiful surroundings by fusing together raw natural elements with organic resin.”

I love that each piece is unique and have their own beautiful characteristics. What a bummer that currently there are no LA distributor but hopefully there will be soon – my fingers are crossed!!

coco kelley!

While perusing one of my favorite blogs, Coco Kelley, I came across this magical image that I wanted to share! The symmetry is charming, the mirrored surfaces add elegance, and the unicorns are simply stunning!

To create your own elegantly flanked equine entry, try mounting a pair of iron horse heads , such as these which are available at Rummage,  for the same effect!  Not quite the same, but not bad don’t you think?!

domestic construction!

im so blown away by the creativity of the girls at domestic construction! so vibrant, whimsical, inspirational! i love their multi disciplinary approach to design, art, events and products. they make me want to get my scissors, and various types of paper out, and start cutting!

here’s their description of this piece: paint, paper, metal disks, glass beads, nails, pins, and tons of fun!

they describe this project of the brooklyn bridge as being constructed with: book pages from a brooklyn history book, paper, nails, and string

so fun!

they said this wall treatment was constructed of: painted canvas, tea stained paper, vintage wallpaper, thread cut and hand pasted to the wall

they’ve really got my imagination going! check out their website to fuel your creativity!! http://domestic-construction.com


Say hello to my new favorite chair! Or should I say cradle?  Designer Richard Clarkson in collaboration with Grace Emmanual, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Broker, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell and Joya Boerrigter have created this wonderful cradle for adults.

According to the project developers, “Cradle is about creating a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment in which the user can dissipate the over-stimulation of their senses. The design was heavily directed by a synthesis of research into Autism and children with Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD), as well as saftey, sustainability, function and aesthetics.”

This Cradle screams maximum relaxation!