wanderlust: the new luxury in camping

have you ever wanted to wander into the beautiful wilderness without leaving all of the comforts of home behind? we have found beautiful, exotic places to relax amongst the mysterious creatures that live within them. the best part? the interiors provide a luxury you normally receive in a 5 start hotel. take a look at our favorite ways to camp with the chicest of security blankets.



1.  el cosmico in marfa, texas



2. gorah elephant camp in plettenberg bay south africa



3. a terra in são teotonio, portugal



4. wagon stays in kirwee, new zealand



5. back of beyond in dehigahaela

throw caution to the wind and start packing! we’re sure one of these will help you check off a few items from your bucket list!

art house: jeffrey gibson

we stumbled upon artist jeffrey gibson by chance and we’re so glad we stayed and continued looking into his work. while his geometric abstract paintings are quite beautiful and have been a part of his newer work, we were more drawn to his adorned punching bags. visually, you can see how he draws inspiration from his native american roots, especially traditional pow-wow dance regalia as seen by the bead work, sequins, tin shingles, color, etc.. but, there is also a very modern touch and other inspirations at work here which make it very fascinating!

jeffrey gibson showroom via kishani perera blog

via new york times

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

via marc straus gallery

jeffrey gibson adorned punching bag at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

via marc straus gallery

in the december 2013 issue of artnews magazine, gibson explains his artistic choices: “the adornment references subcultural fashion, not just native american but also punk and queer – alternatives to mainstream that signal defiance and rejection of hetero-normative culture.” curator marshall n. price of the national academy museum describes gibson’s work as a “mash-up” or “remix”. some of the adorned punching bags are even wrapped in pieces of re-purposed paintings. how cool is that! sure, there is a decorative and beautiful element to this collection of work from gibson, but if you stop there you have missed the whole trajectory he has attempted to take you on. gibson further explains this best himself in this video. (mind you, there are probably quite a few kpi clients that we think would love one of his pieces in their homes!)

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson at marc straus gallery via kishani perera blog

all images in this section via marc straus gallery

this summer, the southwest is in for a treat! in addition to being the subject of an exhibition at the denver art museum, gibson will begin a residency in the native arts artist-in-residence program. we’d love to be a fly on the wall for that class! some of gibson’s most recent exhibitions were at volta, national academy museum, institute of contemporary art in boston and marc straus gallery in new york city, where he is represented. we can’t wait to see what gibson does next! and, it seems we don’t have to wait too long. he recently collaborated with a peace treaty on a line of jewelry and scarves that are based on selected works of his. we are more than just a little obsessed now! how about you?

jeffrey gibson jewelry at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson scarves at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

jeffrey gibson jewelry at a peace treaty via kishani perera blog

all images in this section via a peace treaty

our week

this week has been exciting at the kpi offices! we are finally bringing on board another design assistant to keep up with so many new projects. we might just grow right out of this office! time for kp to get serious about the backyard pool office she kind of promised us. we’re the creative kind, we’re more productive in natural surroundings, right? well until then, we’re enjoying our brick and mortar set up and being surrounded by the awesome vintage home goods in rummage. which by the way, hosts regular flash sales for you to snag up some of our fave pieces for a crazy good price! follow them on instagram and twitter to keep up!

speaking of keeping up, we didn’t even tell you we just completed two projects! one is los feliz and another in west hollywood. two very different projects, but both turned out so incredible, we cannot wait to share. photoshoots happening soon! on a sad note for the week, our little gus man had to undergo the inevitable manhood surgery this week. don’t worry, he is spoiled enough so we know kp is taking extra special care of little man! in the meantime, we’ve been busy collecting some of our fave links for the week to share with you! as always, be sure to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for great links and updates throughout the week!

cheers to a wonderful weekend full of fresh spring flowers! – dh

little man, big cone! poor gus after his surgery. we’re just glad it all went well and he’s doing great!


this daybed for pups is just adorable! talk about working a pet’s comfort into your home design!

it is spring and we’re in full flower mode these days! from sunday plant shopping for the yard, to dining table arrangements. we’re loving inspiration like this!

we love black and brass bathrooms these days. we also love that this hotel was daring enough to go for it!

did everybody else see this table floating around the internet this week? love the unexpected mix and design!

sometimes there is a quote that really is so simple, and spot on! we don’t think you lose the fear, but you certainly learn how to push it aside!

spotted in the nytimes last week is a new animal show on pbs that is certainly one of a kind! will you be watching?

coffee lovers and gluten-free consumers unite! we are extremely excited to try this out.

hunt & gather: arteriors la opening in west hollywood, ca

we recently had the pleasure of attending the grand opening for arteriors los angeles. this was a party we were not about to miss! on the corner of melrose avenue and huntley drive, the new los angeles showroom is truly beautiful and will undoubtedly become one of the newest jewels of the west hollywood design district! the beauty in the space just draws you in!

arteriors los angeles showroom via kishani perera blogvia arteriors

we have been specifying arteriors product for our clients for quite some time and we were delighted when we first heard arteriors would be opening up their showroom here locally.

client dining room with arteriors lighting via kishani perera inc.client master bedroom with arteriors lighting via kishani perera inc.currently, arteriors has showrooms across the country including dallas, high point, las vegas and new york. but this los angeles showroom will be different in that it is also open to the public! as their first retail store, it provides a great opportunity for us to bring clients in to personally see what we’ve been experiencing firsthand at the different home furnishings industry markets.

arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.you’ll recall from las vegas market last year and previous high point markets, we have been obsessed with quite a few pieces that have been launched from arteriors so it’s a welcome sight to see this local space where so many of our favorite resources are located.

arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.we were warmly greeted upon arriving by the founder and creative director mark moussa and patty price, the executive vice president and head of marketing. having some personal time to chat with both was great since we were so impressed by what the arteriors team has accomplished in this new space. and, it is so nice to welcome them to the neighborhood!

founder and creative director mark moussa in arteriors los angeles showroom via kishani perera blogvia arteriors

arteriors has a long history of producing absolutely showstopping pieces of lighting. they are really statement pieces that make a room feel even more spectacular! 

arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.

arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.

arteriors los angeles showroom via kishani perera inc.we even came across wonderful pieces we’ve used in recent projects like these two pieces that we love!

arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.arteriors los angeles showroom lighting via kishani perera inc.these are just some of the wonderful pieces of lighting, furniture and decorative accessories that are available to be experienced firsthand in the store! but, don’t take our word for it. visit arteriors los angeles so you can see for yourself! for more pictures from the arteriors los angeles opening party, visit here.

arteriors los angeles showroom decorative accessories via kishani perera inc.arteriors los angeles showroom decorative accessories via kishani perera inc.



hot off the press: hgtv magazine

we are so excited! just in time for spring, hgtv magazine shared a beautiful outdoor space designed by kp and provided a ‘get the look’ guide! this outdoor space epitomizes the timeless use of black and white with a pop of color, which also works so well with the dramatic black trim and white stucco of the home itself. the classic black and white also provides a perfect backdrop for changing out the pillows for a new season, or new trending color, for an updated look without needing to change the entire set of cushions. we are so honored that they selected this outdoor space to inspire you all for a new spring look! we love this space, and think this guide is a great and affordable way to get this look. thank you again to hgtv for sharing kp’s design!

our week

these past few weeks have been a constant flow of positive, yet undeniably chaotic days! with 75% of our projects in the beginning phases, we have been pushing ourselves creatively in every direction and finding inspiration everywhere. we really love the ‘inspiration gathering phase’ of our projects, especially when we have multiple projects from one end of the design spectrum to the complete opposite end! it gives us the opportunity to utilize the best moments in every design period, and mix in the best of today’s trends, for that lived-in yet updated look kp is known for. this time is also when we have the chance to explore and discover new sources, which today seems to be an endless realm of gems! speaking of gems, we said goodbye to our lovely lynne this week, as she begins a new adventure exploring the country a bit with the man in her life! wishing her all the best, and excited to welcome amelia onto our team here! so far the change has been seamless, so we’re taking that as a great sign of things to come. on the note of great things, we are excited to share some great things the kpi ladies stumbled across this week and had to share! we hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and as always be sure to follow us on twitter and like us facebook for updates all week long!

wishing you all a lovely weekend full of cooler temps and relaxation! -dh

imagepetey man and kp enjoying some snuggles and sunshine while working in the backyard!

this little girl’s bedroom is too cute! plus, she shares so many of the diy projects here, so anybody can totally tackle some fun projects.

three of our favorite things are happening here: vegan, ‘cheesy’, and carbs. yes please on these breadsticks for a weekend indulgence.

this wonderful tumblr is a current fave! we have been scouring it for inspiration for a new mid-century project we are starting!

at kpi we are big fans of symmetry, but this trend has us contemplating some fun, daring decisions. the flooring designs are our faves!

in la we are lucky to have so many incredible hotels, but even better are the gorgeous bars and lounges they house! this list is a great guide to check out some new places to unwind.

with limited counter space and a love of copper, someone in the office made an impulse splurge for one of these as a fruit holder!

recently added to our wanderlust list is this breathtaking ‘tunnel of love’ which is a perfect example of natural architecture.

from the floors, to the paneling, up to the molding, and over to the chandeliers; this apartment has some seriously gorgeous details.

we love these hotel animals! we like to think we have a similar set up with our ‘shop pugs’ because people love visiting with the pups when they’re at the shop!

art house: bernhard handick

german photographer and founder of shoutout magazinebernhard handick, uses any kind of technique to produce new works. from painting to photography, analogue to digital, pixelation to overlaying; the manner in which handick approaches his mixed media art is certainly destructive. having been published at vogue italiaglamcultjuxtapozwe are selecters, and washington post, handick creates collections of striking imagery which seem to fuse pieces together that, although contemporary in their foundations, carry a rather haunting undertone. of his artwork, handick says, “my understanding of myself as an artist is not that I produce artwork which is completed after my process of creation. rather, the spectator is the one who finishes the work in the particular way in which he interprets it – in this sense, he is the one to add the final brushstroke.” well said! if you enjoy bernhard’s classically deconstructed works, check out his website.