our week

phew! we are a little behind here, but as you can guess, it is because these past few weeks have been insane! a few of us got hit with the flu at the exact time we got hit with new projects and demanding deadlines. that is always how it happens, right? sickness hits at the most inopportune times. the good news is, we are all back to 100% and there has been nothing but positive, exciting things brewing at the kpi office! if you missed the pugs’ first official press feature, you need to check it out here! those sweeties of ours are doing great and loving their new home. while someone in the office is super excited to dog sit the cuties while kp sneaks away for a top secret trip. don’t worry, details of this will come very soon! we must admit, with all of our site visits and slab yard explorations behind us for the week, we are all guilty of fully enjoying this rain for the weekend. speaking of slab yards, we loved this article covering alternate options to granite countertops. there are so many, and a few of our favorites are limestone, soapstone, and quartzite. we have stock piled so many other great finds to share with you below! as always, be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram, and like us on facebook to keep up with us all throughout the week!

hoping you all get to stay cozy inside and enjoy the rainy weekend! -dh

kp visited gracias madre recently and loved it! their menu is comprised of local, organic, non gmo, vegan, mexican food!

talk about a yummy complete package!


we keep seeing these little copper mugs and picturing them in our cabinets! they’re a total steal. worth the not-so-impulse purchase?

this just gave us all a good chuckle and we all agreed on these realities!

talk about a gallery wall! we love the daring mix of vintage frames on this packed photo wall! (third photo)

just this incredibly adorable panda photo we came across on pinterest. is this real life?!

we are so anxious to see how this will all turn out! would you purchase this if it was 100% safe?

kp was featured in house beautiful’s march issue! we are so grateful to have been selected!

have you heard?! three new target collaborations are coming from top pinners: oh joy, poppytalk, and wit & delight. here is the first peek from oh joy’s collab!

we aren’t much for the quotes and saying prints, but these lighthearted and simple pieces might make us think twice. we love a little unexpected humor!

one of our favorite custom rummage chandeliers sold this week! always bittersweet, but thankfully we can always custom make a new one!

this. scarf. enough said. actually no, ‘sale’ was another essential word! someone purchased this just in time for the cold and rainy weekend!


hot off the press: the animal print shop

this might be kp’s most adorable press feature yet! plus, it is the pug packs first official press feature! they are pretty excited for you to see their professional photos snapped by our dear friend, sharon montrose. not only is sharon a wonderful friend, but she is an incredibly talented photographer, with an emphasis on animal photography! we are so honored to be selected for her first installment in a new series on her blog, ‘pets and their people‘. you may remember a peek of her work when we featured her book, menagrie, on our blog this past fall. if you are not familiar with her or her work, you must stop by the animal print shop and check her out. prepare for truly awe inspiring cuteness.

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be sure to check out the full blog feature here!

hot off the press: house beautiful

we are so excited that kp’s photo was selected for the march issue of house beautiful! they asked designers to send in photos of themselves with one of their favorite pillows. kp’s selection was one of our beautiful antique-kilim cushions available at rummage! the palette is beautiful, and we have many other similar options as well. (you can purchase the shown pillow here) be sure to pick up the march issue of house beautiful for many other delights, but in the meantime you can see the feature below! a big thank you to house beautiful for selecting our photo, we love sharing our favorite things!

our week

happy february! february is exciting, right? okay, maybe we just had a really nice week here and are now riding on our anticipation of the approaching weekend! even after a great week, sometimes we just get a little more enthusiastic on friday. this week solidified some new, big jobs that we are very excited about! we also packed the week full of site visits for many of our projects that are currently under construction. there is something about a site under construction that always seems to be colder than it even is outside. so of course, on this chilly week we spent plenty of time outside and in even colder shells of homes! we aren’t complaining (too much) because the progress is wonderful and dramatic! we have to admit, we were pretty excited for the cool weather. what a perfect excuse to cook our favorite comfort foods and lay low for a bit. and someone has also used it as an excuse to snuggle her pup and binge watch breaking bad, finally. she complained for days about being exhausted before admitting why! busted. unfortunately, we have all been guilty of this at one time or another!
while laying low after work this week, we came across some great links and items to share with you! we will also continue sharing some valentine’s day gift ideas we come across, so be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook for some unique finds for the loved ones in your life!

have a wonderful weekend! -dh

our first sneak peek of kp’s new home! gosh it is beautiful, we cannot wait to share more!


someone has a new fireplace that is just missing one of these on the mantel. it would also be a great accessory for a coffee table, or really wherever!

we love this artistic arrangement of algae art! reminded us of our blog featuring klari reis’ petri dish paintings.

stumbled across this little shop thanks one of our favorite blogs! we are especially into the artisan woven straw mats. we will take two of each of them, please!

between all of the artwork, the onyx wall, and the stunning paul evans sofa, this home has our mouth agape.

it was a bittersweet week for rummage. we parted ways with many beloved items, but welcomed in a vintage chandelier and antique camera we recently snagged!

the kpi ladies are pretty excited for valentine’s day this year. did you see our gift guide yet? also, the rummage gift guide has some serious goodies this year!

we still have mixed feelings about this human font. it is partially hilarious, but just so bizarre!

this cool down in los angeles has us craving warm, hearty, comfort foods like chili! the best part? this recipe is vegan!

we will definitely miss philip seymour hoffman, but were very warmed by these featured quotes by him. we can all relate.

rummage: 10 ways to share your love on valentine’s day

we may use the word love a little too much, but honestly, we love, adore, and swoon over countless things and so many people! so this valentine’s day we’re all about sharing the love! whether you’ll be cuddled up with your sweetie or out on the town with your friends, don’t forget to pick up a little something special for the ones you love. although sweet confections are nice and flowers thoughtful, we have hand selected some of our very best decor accessories, with a little something in mind for everyone. hope you feel the love!

1. making your house a home can be tough! but, vintage remix has all the inspiration you need for filling a home with lots of things you love. it makes the perfect gift for everyone!

2. this pillow adds instant color, fun and warmth to any space. every time they look at this pillow, they will smile and think of you!

3. who doesn’t love sitting on the floor? this vintage floor cushion is ideal for your laid back boho bestie!

4. flowers are always nice, but go the extra step and buy a special vintage vase to hold them. it can be used year-round to hold future bouquets. c’est magnifique!

5. make your mom feel regal on this love-filled day with our vintage brass and enamel peacock bowl. she’ll not only admire its beauty, but it makes a great place to hold her keys!

6. the belle of the night needs to feel pretty and special. this art deco vanity set will brush her cares away, for today…love reigns supreme!

7. this distressed industrial yellow stool is a unique gift for that special guy who is always helping you out when you’re in a bind.

8. you know your friend who loves polka dots? well they’ll die over this vintage ikat silk textile! it can be used as a table runner or to add an extra pop of texture to a room.

9. it’s always good to treat yourself, and in sunny california, why not with sunglasses? be your own valentine and pick up this pair of stunning vintage les lunettes shades!

10. birds of a feather flock together! these peacocks are the perfect bookends for a book collection and a symbolic reminder how true girlfriends support and hold each other up.

art house: charles wilkin

while getting our daily art fix last week, we stumbled across new evocative art work from charles wilkin. born in buffalo, new york, wilkin has been evolving as a collage artist for fifteen years. he has been featured in various magazines like metropolis, rojo, and juxtapoz. at first glance his pieces seem to have a sense of nostalgia, but the image is decayed and distorted with layers of color and shape, that create an eerie yet thought provoking feeling. derived primarily from the study of headlines, sounds bites and idle conversations, he aims to show remnants of media overload and targeted consumption as a tangible yet uncertain analogy. the pieces below have been chosen from his most recent works over the past two years. to see more from charles wilkin, check out his website, or browse his collages currently for sale at saatchi! oh, and if you aren’t already wowed by charles wilkin’s cool work, when he is not collaging, he is busy keeping bees, practicing speed metal guitar, and contemplating obtaining a pilot’s license.

via charles scott wilkin

hunt & gather: valentine’s day gifts

valentine’s day is a hallmark proclaimed lover’s holiday, but just because you’re solo this year shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the heart-drenched hoopla around the 14th day of february! we love getting gifts for our parents, since they will least expect it! even better, for your single friends, especially those recently single, and obviously our pups who are our most loyal and adorable valentines. i mean, you love these people, right? so why not take this day to celebrate any loving relationships in your life. a valentine’s day gift should be sweet and simple, either something that will make them laugh or something small to keep in their home or on their work desk that will make them smile and think of you. we’re not trying to be serious and sappy here!

 1.  for the sweet and stylish vintage lover in your life, these pastel tumblers are a unique and fun gift.

2.  for the design lover in your life, we suggest this gorgeous, hand embroidered pillow by leah singh as a cozy reminder of your love.

3.  for the candy lover in your life, sugarfina carries tasting boxes of various gourmet candy to satisfy that sweet tooth.

4.  for a special lady in your life, we really love the simplicity yet distinct design of this hammered gold bar necklace. great for layering with other dainty pieces.

5.  for the eco-friendly lover in your life, these beautiful vases are hand-painted, recycled fire extinguishers!

6.  for the animal lover in your life, or in our case for the pug pack, these assorted dog treat trays are our favorite way to spoil our valentines!

7.  for the gardener in your life, these seed bombs have become all the rage and we think they will appreciate thinking of you as the flowers grow!

8.  for the tiniest lovers in your life, we love this finger puppet set that is sure to bring endless smiles and bouts of playful creativity!

9.  for the art lover in your life, this book is a lighthearted reminder they can keep on their coffee table as a reminder of your love for them!