our week

this week was a calm one to end the month! we were all grateful to catch our breath and start working on some new projects. we also got to spend some time gearing up for valentine’s day and we have two lover’s day gift guides coming your way next week! with love in the air, the pressure was on the last solo lady in the office to look into tinder. she said ‘look into’ so no commitments yet! kp continues to unpack in her new home as the rest of the staff gets a first hand understanding of the collecting (hoarding) tendencies of a true vintage lover. she is buried in boxes to say the least! unfortunately, our pug pups got a little too rough with their usual wrestling and birdie punctured our little gus man’s eyeball! all is well, but it was quite the scare. with a calmer week and being on the hunt for the best gifts for your lovers, we came across some great finds to share with you this week! as always, be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up with us all week!

enjoy your weekend – dh

it doesn’t matter how long your day is, to come home to this washes it all away!

vintage rugs are generally a little awkwardly sized, so layering them is not only pretty, but often necessary! see a great example here

someone fell in love with this dark and moody wallpaper. we’re predicting a bathroom makeover soon!

you still have time to snag this week’s flash sale at rummage! be sure to follow rummage on twitter and facebook for weekly flash sales you cannot miss!

these works of art are incredibly unique and jaw-dropping gorgeous. any one of them would serve as a serious source of color inspiration for a room.

well, we love gin and who doesn’t love prosecco? we’re confirming this recipe as our new favorite cocktail and re-naming it ‘perfect’

now this photo is just about as sweet as they come and we cannot get enough!

we love this round up of vintage inspired bar carts with sizes and styles for almost any home! have you added a bar cart to your home decor?

this tumblr may be the most beautifully curated collection we have come across yet. such a wonderful place to pull inspiration.

there was something about these playful planters that caught our eye. we imagine someone out there needs this for valentine’s day!

this is pretty much the dream life for many of us! we love this gypsy tarot wagon and need to make a visit!

we still love this adorable balloon night light and the whimsical addition it would be in a child’s room

someone has to have this spoon for their father for valentine’s day! she swears he is grumpy until he eats his morning cereal!

wanderlust: ace hotel downtown la

ace hotel has done it again, and even closer to home for us this time in downtown los angeles! we previously raved about their palm springs location, but are especially intrigued by the new downtown location. the new ace hotel found its home in the historic, spanish gothic united artists building which was designed with heavy influence from the segovia cathedral in spain. the building was completed in 1927 and was the tallest building in los angeles for one year, but most of us identify this landmark as the ‘jesus saves’ building.

working with the beautiful bones of this building, commune and the ace atelier were consistent in their eclectic design throughout. mixing modern lines, mondrian inspired blankets, vintage textiles, and industrial pieces under an exposed ceiling in the guest rooms. while the lobby and segovia bar boasts true-to-era checker board floors with industrial details and currently trending brass bistro tables. continue upstairs to the rooftop where inspiration from the frank lloyd wright ennis home is combined with vintage turkish kilim pillows and navajo inspired tarps. we love the eclectic design of this hotel and feel it fits perfectly into the current scene of downtown la.

we were lucky enough to already check out the hotel, but if you haven’t made it over there yet, see below for a peek inside!

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our week

some weeks we feel as if the weekend will never arrive, while this week we are wondering where the time went! this week has been such a wonderful one that we cannot complain for one second. we were able to shoot two completed projects back to back days; one in the palisades and the other in los feliz. this means a trip to the flower mart downtown and a days worth of creating beautiful floral arrangements! the ladies at the kpi office love just about any creative outlet and it is a nice way to mix up the week – working with beautiful flowers and all! we were also able to spend these two full days with our favorite, incredibly talented photographer, joe schmelzer! on another exciting note, rummage is sending off two of our favorite chairs to a new owner and we will soon be seeing them in a magazine feature! we will be sharing once it comes out, of course. we are all looking forward to a weekend full of slightly cooler temps to enjoy the outdoors! kp will continue unpacking while some of us plan to visit one of the many, many museum exhibits on our list right now. be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep us with us throughout the week!

does this photo even need a caption? i mean…those head tilts.


these guest posts by jealous curator are too funny, we love the idea!

we told you our museum visit list is getting long, our priority must sees our here, here, and here

we just cannot get enough of this song this week, love her voice and makes us giggle

if you have plenty of time for some serious wanderlust and adoration of this beautiful photography, please enjoy this post

yes, we have three pups to swoon over all week, but this little sweetheart (who has yet to grow into those paws) just melted our hearts

never crossed our minds to wonder what the interior of a bullet looks like, but these photographs are incredible

spotted this feature of one of our favorites, mister finch, in one of our favorite magazines! if you don’t know his work, you need to check him out here

speaking of art, kp discussed art and everyday life recently with artspace magazine. great tips if you’re on the hunt!

we’re obsessed with these gorgeous tiles! just installed a floor to ceiling backsplash wall of the ‘asal’ that we cannot wait to show you photographs of!


hot off the press: artspace magazine

this past week kp was interviewed by artspace magazine to discuss art and everyday life! if you feel you don’t know how to buy art, or are unsure on exactly how to display your art, this article is for you! also note that art doesn’t have to be expensive, we have found plenty of great pieces that we love at flea markets for an affordable price. see the full interview below for some great advice and be sure to visit artspace for online art shopping!

our week

this week has been seriously exciting and stressful at the kpi office! we had multiple deadlines, completed two projects in los feliz, and kp’s very own home is finally move-in ready! the pups have continued to help us pack all week, and stayed safe in the old house while we continuously clean and check their new yard for leftover screws, bolts, or anything else they might find to chew on. (because they will find it!) we are so excitied for our three pugs to have such a large backyard to play in! don’t worry, their will be photos coming up for our los feliz project so soon and once kp is settled in, we’ll do the big before and after reveal! we cannot wait to share with you. even in the most hectic of times, we still stumble across little laughs that we pass around the office. along with the beautiful objects we find to keep us inspired, and hoping to someday add to our own homes! we love to share these finds with you every week and hope that you enjoy them too! be sure to follow us on twitter and add us on facebook for sneak peeks throughout the week!

our handsome petey pie catching some rays during this winter heat wave!


we all love getting to know ourselves a little better, so this vocab test was a must take

looking for the perfect, modern brass sconces for your home? we happen to have a knack for designing unique fixtures that are sure to be envied

somebody stumbled on these modern and adorable dollhouses and we were all brought back to our childhood

speaking of childhood, we would love to view these colossal animal balloon sculptures in person. so much fun.

we obviously 100% agree with this buzzfeed list about pugs and yes, we keep up with buzzfeed for the adorable animal photos

what do we love more than wallpaper? a great round up of wallpapers, and this is our favorite one in a very long time

we think a great new year’s resolution is to help out (adopt) a pug in need. it is a win win situation, they’re safe and you have a new best friend!

we love this throwback thursday of a beautiful room divider designed by eugene masselink

kp was featured in artspace magazine and discussed creating a balanced home for art and everyday life

this week saw the installation of these sconces in one of our los feliz projects and they are just gorgeous

our week

happy first week of 2014 to everyone! we are so excited for this new year and to have survived our first full week back in the office. we spread out, literally, all across the country to spend time with our wonderful families, and we hope you were all able to indulge in some r & r as well. this was the first christmas with the whole perera pug bunch and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. some of us met future in-laws while others received news of becoming an aunt, round two! overall, our holidays were beyond our highest expectations this year. it has been a busy week of catching up and taking on new projects, but exciting nonetheless. in our not-so-busy moments this week we found so many beautiful things to share with you. we hope that you enjoy! be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up with us all week.

birdie and gus are growing, and getting cuter by the day! they love to run errands and wear their new harnesses!

(petey gets to ride shotgun and enjoy some solo moments)


most of us kpi ladies hopped on long flights to visit family for the holidays, but we weren’t lucky enough to catch anything like this

somebody in the office spent their holiday break divulging in even more blogs than usual and discovered this lovely scandinavian blog

whew, this newborn deer is beautiful, adorable, breathtaking, and any other sweet adjective you can think of

we love this photographer’s reminder that there is more than meets the eye in this project titled ‘what i be’

on the blog this week we shared our serious love for hands and how we incorporate them into our designs

these handmade animals just make us smile, we foresee using them in a client’s nursery someday!

we can’t help ourselves, we love to design nurseries! these wall hanging inspirations are a perfect detail, especially living in a quake threatened state!

this nordic company has us swooning, not only over their products but their beautiful catalog in general!

just into the shop is this gorgeous chaise, and these photos just don’t do the lush velvet upholstery justice. come by rummage and see it before it is gone!

aesthetically speaking: hands down one of our favorite objects!

we’ve always been a little obsessed with body parts as art and decorative objects for the home. this past year, we saw the trend become more mainstream. we first noticed its growing popularity while visiting the las vegas market last year, and now see other designers and companies have embraced this obsession.

of all the body parts, we have a particular fondness for hands, which we’ve incorporated into multiple projects over the years. and, i’ve personally collected them in all shapes and sizes.

 brass dichotomy sculpture

hand clip card holder

not only are we generally fascinated with hands for aesthetic purposes, but they also serve as mystical and religious symbols in various cultures. for example, different hand positions in buddhism represent something specific – from banishing negativity or having confidence in oneself to the transmission of knowledge, how wonderful, is that?! we are big fans of the hamsa in particular, which is popular in the middle east and north africa. the hamsa symbolizes protection, blessings, and strength. it also features an eye, which of course, is meant to protect from the evil eye.

 protection hamsa necklace

we love sneaking in a decorative hand feature or detail in as many of our projects as we can! it’s become a bit of a signature in our design work. from a vintage black ceramic hand ashtray used instead as a jewelry display, to an old school glove mold that simply adds an interesting and unexpected element to a room, it brings us such joy to place them! adding a grouping of several antique marionette doll hands together in a bowl on a coffee table keeps the mood light, offbeat, and whimsical in a room. we can find a place for them anywhere, in any home!

 vintage ceramic rubber glove mold 

in the past we found a plethora of unique vintage hand objects on sites such as ebay and etsy to adorn client tablescapes, walls, etc., such as door knobs and beautiful rings. but recently we’ve discovered some fab new pieces at of our favorite online shops.

women’s hand door knobs

 roman bronze ring of clasped hands

uncommon goods has a new collection of handmade pieces, with a few unique and interesting hands that i’m completely enamored with! they seem to capture the artistic side of everyday objects. plus, a company that seeks to live in harmony with the environment while doing no harm to animals or people is one that I can get behind to support.

beautiful hand carved hand of buddha jewelry stand 

we’ve also uncovered several other unique and interesting hands to incorporate into future projects or for styling, both vintage and new. we love when the hands we find have a functional and not just a decorative purpose. maybe it’s the literal element of human touch that that we love so much, or maybe its the many beautiful symbolic meanings they seem to carry with them, we cant help but love our hands! do you agree?

 frida kahlo inspired hand earrings

 fortune telling hand

gold leaf gallicus hand art

 antique victorian hand hanging letter holder

 vintage industrial found object wall sconce