aesthetically speaking: new year’s eve tablescape

we love to ring in the new year surrounded by our favorite people, enjoying good food, a little bubbly and a lot of laughs! as we have mentioned in our thanksgiving tablescape post we especially love a good time on a budget.

if you’ve already hosted a holiday party this year, the first budget friendly tip is to re-use certain elements from a previous tablescape. we sure did here. next, we suggest gathering items from around your home that can be used such as beautiful boxes, trays, vases, candles, glassware, dishes, and of course, your serving and eating utensils. we always love to mix vintage pieces into our table set-ups for unique conversation starters, so be sure to really think outside the box when gathering items from around your home!

we always love gold, but it is especially appropriate for a new year’s eve celebration! this year we wanted to show you how to work gold into two different table set-ups. the first has a more traditional color palette that you come to expect with the holiday, while the second is more of a moody color palette that we personally loved when it all finally came together. it really stood out. whichever you prefer, we’ll be sharing our sources for both below!

the traditional palette


for our more traditional color palette above, we kept it mostly in a monochromatic white and gold theme with a few other accent colors to celebrate the upcoming year! we started our table with a silver and gold ikat runner to tie in our favorite gold flatware with our wine and champagne glasses. (similar found here and here)

we love to layer our tables. for new year’s eve, we layered our drinking glasses and added in our favorite cordial glasses. the bright, clean pop of white is carried through from our runner to our metallic rimmed plates, which have an organic shape that really keeps that casual, but chic vibe flowing. we added a fun pattern with the salad plates. placing a candle on top of each place setting gives it a personal touch that your guests can take home with them, so be sure they are scented! it will be a daily reminder for days to come of the wonderful memories made this night.

once we found these festive napkin rings, we thought we could easily repeat our thanksgiving mini lattice napkins once more for new year’s eve and no one would notice!

our centerpiece was a mixture of our favorite vintage pieces — front and center was our vintage copper champagne bucket, which could not be more appropriate for a celebration! we brought the eye back down thanks to a hexagon inlaid box, our antique salt & pepper shakers and individual buds in vintage spice jars. we love the warm glow of a candle in our centerpiece. finally, we accented our table with small splashes of red by using apples and tiny bud flowers to bring a small pop of color to the event!

the moody palette

while we love a clean and bright tablescape, we really love a dark and moody tablescape! the combination of matte black and pops of gold are really speaking to us this year, and we couldn’t wait to use some our favorite pieces for a new year’s party. i mean, how unexpected, yet beautiful, are these matte black plates and soup bowls? they work perfectly with our vintage smoked drinking glasses on the side. we used the same gold flatware that we can’t get enough of this year, and added in pattern by using black and gold greek key chargers. (you could also use this gold charger) we loved the brightness and pattern the global print napkins brought to the table, and how they pulled in our mid-century serving tray in the center of the table.


for our centerpiece here we were so excited to add a bit of whimsy to our moody setting, so, we used dried globe thistle in purple for a subtle pop of color to draw your eye to our vintage display dome. here, we really wanted to keep it playful and interesting, so we sat our favorite owl statue atop vintage books and put him front and center.

our animal theme continued to our vintage phoenix coffee set, to keep the caffeine flowing, and our guests up past midnight! we’ve also stashed away some sweeteners of choice in our vintage oval black and brass box for those guest who like it very sweet. remember, the center of your table can display both aesthetic and useful pieces. don’t be afraid to use vintage boxes to stash toothpicks or mints! guests will eye those beautiful boxes all night, and be even more excited they weren’t there just to envy!

new year’s eve is above all a time to celebrate, so we love to pour glasses of champagne or sparkling cider before guests sit down. this adds that bit of sparkle and elegance that welcomes them to sit down and enjoy themselves!

from all of us here at kpi, we want to wish you and yours a very happy new year’s celebration.

hot off the press: popsugar home

we were so excited to be featured as one of popsugar home’s ‘4 designers we’re dying to shop with’ after they featured our ‘tastemaker gift guide‘ for the holidays! see a brief of the feature below, but be sure to stop by popsugar home for more! thank you again to popsugar home for the feature!


hot off the press: popsugar home

we were finally able to share one of our favorite bathroom renovations we recently completed and are so excited that popsugar home made the debut for us! we got to share some of our top bathroom remodel tips with all of you, while sharing one of our favorite bathroom flooring installations this year! we cannot wait to share more with you soon. you can also see the article in full here.




hot off the press: glo

we were honored to be selected with so many design greats in glo’s feature covering ‘11 outrageous home decor predictions‘ for 2014! see our prediction below about working a clean slate in the upcoming year. thank you again to glo for the inclusion!

our week

even while the kpi ladies are spread out across the country for the holidays, we haven’t stopped sharing all of our usual finds for the week! with a little extra spare time to search for after christmas deals and cute holiday animal photos, we’ve got some links worth sharing with you for the week! please forgive us for our quiet time as we have been busy soaking up time with family! we have loved sharing 2013 with you all, and hope to share even more with you in 2014! be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook for sneak peeks of our projects, and check back to the blog for our completed projects coming up so soon!

first christmas with all of the perera pups! we couldn’t ask for more happiness!


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our week

this time of year is never short of crazy! we are all grateful to have taken advantage of a little downtime before the end of the year crunch set in. some of us here knocked out some serious shopping, while the pups have been ‘helping’ us pack for a big move to their new home! okay, so they are more of a distraction, but we totally welcome their cuteness. this week saw the completion of a gorgeous project in the palisades, and a huge delivery of babycakes from a very sweet client that truly made our week! if you aren’t aware, our babycakes obsession may be a little out of hand. when we aren’t eating cookies, actually with cookie in hand, we are working away on many other projects also nearing completion. we cannot wait to share all of them with you! be sure to follow us on twitter for regular sneak peeks at the progress! today we are sharing with you some highlights of our week!

‘we love to all snuggle in one bed, but we are growing so fast we will be too big soon!’

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someone in the office wants to use this stamp for a failed thanksgiving recipe and a parking ticket or four

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art house: maximo riera

a few weeks ago we visited the greystone mansion for the design house showcase which featured designs based on the tastes of iconic titans from the entertainment, fashion, technology, and finance industries. this included jim henson, stevie wonder, julia child, and alexander mcqueen to name a few. while we thoroughly enjoyed the showcase house, what also caught our attention was the animal chair collection on exhibit.

the animal chair collection, by maximo riera, is a mixture of sculpture and furniture, incorporating animals as an equal part of the design. it is intriguing and beautiful, whilst serving as a reminder of the animals we share this diverse planet with. of course, no one can describe it better than maximo riera himself; “this collection is homage to these animals and the whole animal kingdom which inhabits our planet, as an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature in each living thing”. each animal chair has been carefully thought through and designed to accurately match the skin textures, and sometimes even the scale of the animal’s actual size. riera says that he “wanted to preserve the real elevation of the animal making the person who sits on it share the same perspective”. not only are these pieces of furniture incredibly interesting, but his explanation for each work of art is beautifully thought through and meaningful. we highly suggest you stop on over to his page and read it in full after viewing his work below!