hot off the press: lonny magazine

we are so excited for our project, rachel bilson and hayden christensen’s home, to be featured this month in lonny magazine! we truly enjoyed working with them to create an eclectic blend of bohemian meets mid-century styles. the couple gave us the time to search for just the right vintage pieces, which ensured they would get the comfort, character, and beauty they wanted! we think this room is a great example of eclectic harmony!


all images via lonny magazine

check out the full november issue here!


9 thoughts on “hot off the press: lonny magazine

    • hi alison! this sofa was designed and custom fabricated in house to fit the room and their needs perfectly! many items are vintage and have been collected from various vendors. other items and sources are listed throughout the article, including five of our favorite go-to vintage shops!

  1. So gorgeous. I love this whole room. Do you happen to know the type of velvet used on the sofa and where to purchase? Thanks so much

    • hi kelsey! thanks so much! this velvet was purchased from kravet and is from their versailles line. unfortunately, this specific color has been discontinued, but they still have a wide variety of other gorgeous colors! best of luck!

  2. Would it be possible for you to tell me where to find (or who the name of the manufacturer) for the floor lamp that is pictured on the page titled “Good Bones”? It’s a must! And you are severely talented.

    • hi sarah! thank you so much for the kind words! we purchased this lamp from blueprint furniture and it is the ‘tulip floor lamp’ by lamp works inc. we really love it as well!

  3. It’s an amazing work you’ve done there! I’d like to know where i can get that Rio de Janeiro Beach’s aerial view Photography on page 6. over the stools. Greetings from Buenos Aires!

    • hello lila! thank you for the kind words. that piece actually belonged to the client, so i am not sure where she purchased it! so sorry!

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