hunt & gather: labor day games

as labor day weekend approaches, we are busy making our final summer party plans! from food, to decorations, to entertainment; we have so much on our minds! for us, holiday weekends always leave lasting memories, and one memory we look back on fondly is all the games we played with friends and family! sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to please everybody with your choice of entertainment, but not to worry! we have found some adorable, and also very stylish, games and fun for all ages! these classic games are guaranteed to provide giggles for hours and memories for years!

1.)  pierre cardin backgammon game

2.)  giant diy jenga

3.)  bocce set

4.)  vintage chinese checkers

5.)  town hall bingo

hot off the press: style me pretty

at the beginning of the month, one of our favorite blogs, style me pretty living, featured an entire day of design tips from kishani! she covered bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms! today we are sharing a bit of these interviews in case you missed it! don’t forget to head on over to style me pretty to read the full features including kishani’s top five tips for each room!

don’t miss kishani’s top five tips for decorating a bathroom!

don’t miss kishani’s top five tips for decorating a bedroom!

don’t miss kishani’s top five tips for decorating a dining room!

don’t miss kishani’s top five tips for decorating a kitchen!

don’t miss kishani’s top five tips for decorating a living room!


art house: shae detar

thank you to pinterest, we recently stumbled across an incredibly talented artist and found ourselves awe-struck with mouth wide open. not only is shae detar a keen eyed photographer, but she paints over those captured moments to create a beautifully layered piece of art. she brings this realm of fantasy to her perfectly styled photographs that pulls you right in.

after swooning over her website and blog, we did some more digging to find out just who shae detar was and found an interview from three years ago. even though she had a successful business selling vintage clothing, she decided to switch gears and set out on a new path even though she had only just began photography classes! after trying her hands at modeling, running a vintage clothing shop, and going back to school at 32, we sure are glad she took the photography path! shae detar is beautiful, has impeccable style, and is wildly talented! we are so excited to begin following her endeavors!

all images via shae detar

hot off the press: 1st dibs

1st dibs asked several designers to share their ‘required reading: end of summer beach reads‘  with their audience, and included kishani!  inspired by a recent trip to st. barts, kishani shared her pick for a day of lounging at the sea!

follow the link here for the full story!

hunt & gather: flash tattoos

last week in vegas i had the pleasure of meeting miranda burnet, the lovely creator of flash tattoos! i became immediately obsessed! flash tattoos are metallic temporary tattoos that can be worn as jewelry or, of course, tattoos! they take about one minute to put on with a wet cloth, and come off easily with baby oil or olive oil! such a cinch! not only are they beautiful, but they are totally inexpensive! these are perfect for me, as i am constantly running around, in and out of the car, and dragging bags of samples around job sites. i have ruined more jewelry by attaching to miscellaneous objects than i can even begin to recount. these trendy and interchangeable metallic designs make it easy for me to still wear an eye-catching piece of ‘jewelry’ that i love, without worrying about it for a second! plus, you get four sheets of the design you select, so get with a friend and swap for a bigger variety! be sure to check them out on facebook for tons of creative ways to wear your flash tattoos!

kpinc team showing off our flash tattoos!

images via flash tattoos

bibliophile: seas without a shore

we are always on the lookout for a great new book, whether it be the latest fictional series or a great coffee table book. who doesn’t enjoy the escape? so when our good friend emily deschanel tweeted about this dark and mysterious photography based book, we just had to pass on the find! seas without a shore is by swedish photographer chris anthony and features writings of edgar allan poe. with 150 year old lenses or a collodion wet plate technique, masks, costumes, and sculptures, anthony pulls us head first into his dark, and quite creepy, imagination. his placement of the eccentric beings in everyday settings forces your mind to wander deep into his bizarre world, contemplating the reality of such existence. ‘expiscorari’ in particular gives you the feeling of these beings spontaneously emerging from the ocean on a cold, stormy day. and while still in the same dark and moody tone, he mixes in simple photographs of sea horse skeletons which are beautiful in their delicate and detailed appearance. we agree with the huffington post when they referred to this book as ‘a sepia-tinged trip through a vintage science lab’ and we think all of you need to take this journey! we will definitely have this book on our coffee table for our guests to wander into.


aegyptius americanum v

wings #1

hippocampus #2

hippocampus #8

lady bird

october rust

self #2

wanderlust: venice beach retreat

we’ve found ourselves with a head over heels design crush on this venice beach home. while we must admit, we could not personally live in this home full time, we sure could spend some breezy, relaxing weekends here with good friends! as you drive down westminster ave in venice beach, you would probably drive right past this home. you might think ‘that is an interesting looking warehouse front’ and never think twice. we were just as pleasantly surprised by the incredible interior of this home as you will be. immediately struck by the eastern influences in the design of this home, paired with the raw, simple materials, this home is beyond intriguing. those gorgeous wood beam ceilings sheltering the beautiful, moorish details of every room make you completely forget the immense amount of concrete. the high walls surrounding this overly open home with a small river-like pool throughout, make you feel as if you are completely removed from the outside world. comfortable to roam about in the open air and sunshine without a worry. when you remember, that you are a few short blocks to abbot kinney, and a quick bike ride away from the beach. all the privacy you want, with all of the conveniences you need. sure is a great alternative to that sought after malibu home. and hey, there is a wonderfully bright and large studio to work in as well, because we have a feeling it might be pretty tough to leave this place!

all images via postrain productions