art house: candida höfner

the summer issue of soho’s house magazine featured the incredible german photographer, candida höfer. her technical approach to photographing public space produces silently powerful and awe inspiring images. the mere thought of an empty library or theater is a bit eerie, while also very exciting and intriguing. her photographs provoke the exact feelings you would experience if you walked into said empty public space. the straight on angles are so structured and clean that you are able to absorb every bit of the space. you are able to appreciate the backdrop, the deep history in the magnificent architecture surrounding this seemingly endless array of books, holding even more history. every layer is exposed in all its beauty for you to admire at your own pace, without worry of the space being interrupted. the empty theater photographs give the average person a real glimpse from the stage, imagining all of those seats filled, everyone under one roof, again surrounded with so much history and making their own history. she has even photographed the louvre museum in paris void of visitors. while, even if you never had the opportunity to make it to the louvre, you are able to feel the grandeur of not only the eminent art that is present, but the details of the building itself. you may catch yourself saying aloud ‘wow’ as if you just walked through the front doors.

trinity college library in dublin via web odysseum

chateau de versailles III via artcat

teatro alla scala milaon via johnen galerie

masonic temple in philadelphia IV via museo magazine

musee du louvre paris VII via museo magazine

musee du louvre paris IX via museo magazine

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