hunt & gather: glaze it up!

remember the 60’s- the years of peace, love, and macramé? you may have thought that 60’s home trends are long gone, buried in a sea of paisley and shag rugs. but guess what, i am here to convince you to bring your grandma’s drip glaze lamp out from the garage. drip glaze is back and stronger than ever!  and there is more good news, getting your hands on a drip glaze gem is not as hard as you may think!

one of the many positive aspects of drip glaze is that you can find it at varying price points. in fact, i found the holy grail of drip glaze lamps on etsy for a steal (love it when that happens). drip glaze lamps, vases, and bowls add texture and color to a room, they also add just the right of amount of personality.

another great aspect is that they are quite versatile; I have used drip glazed lamps in a client’s cape cod style home, a traditional abode, a mid-century space, an eclectic dwelling, and even a quaint beach cottage. the options are endless and the results are spectacular!

so before you bid adieu to those retro drip glaze wonders, consider adding them to your living room, bedroom or both! i guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. 

still on the fence?  take a look at these glazed beauties…

1. blue and green drip glaze lamp, $1,200;

2. orange drip glaze table lamp, $159;

3. set of butterfly ashtrays, $16;

4. vintage matte drip glaze lamp, $1,000;

5. eggplant drip glaze bowl, $38;

6. pair of large drip glaze mid-century lamps, $2200;

7. pedestal planter, $22;

a midcentury inspired office gets an additional bit of character with a vintage glazed lamp

green glazed lamp adds a pop of color and texture to an eclectic living room

a collection of glazed pottery placed in an ethnic inspired home

an oversized drip glaze floor vase ties the color tones together in this room

via kishani perera inc.

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