project diaries: vintage remix favorites part 3

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every project i embark on with a client is equally unique and exciting. this particular project was a blast to work on. our client did not want to shy away from fun, bold colors which is always ideal for me! we set out to create an inviting and masculine ambiance, utilizing unique and vintage finds to add that extra layer of interest. another plus with this project was that this client wasn’t necessarily pinned down to one era or style of design, which allowed us the freedom to create a space that incorporated a mix of pieces, resulting in a uniquely fresh environment filled with pops of color.



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project diaries: vintage remix favorites part 2

hello again everyone! to continue our celebration of the 1 year anniversary of vintage remix, we have another favorite project to highlight:

this project was so much fun to work on! a combination of bohemian and feminine accents gave this hollywood hills home such unique character. i loved mixing patterns and colors from the wallpaper to the pillows, and a fresh palette of black and whites with pops of color let the lush outdoor garden spaces shine. the mix of unique elements and flea market treasures resulted in a charming hideaway nestled into the hollywood hills.

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project diaries: vintage remix favorites part 1

what a whirlwind last year was! amongst many other exciting things that happened in 2012, working on my book was such a highlight. in honor of the one year anniversary of the publication of vintage remix, this month’s project diaries posts will be profiling some of my favorite projects with some of our favorite images. but wait, there is more! we’re also giving away 5 signed copies of vintage remix!

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and now for the first round of our fave photos…this particular project is near and dear to my heart. we transformed this spanish colonial home for a good friend of mine using a mix of global glam pieces and some eclectic influences (with the addition of a few southern kitsch elements). the result was a warm and vibrant mix with pops of color such as kelly green on the walls. the house was transformed into a chic abode fit for this hip angeleno and it was such a pleasure to put it all together.

design vignette via kishani perera inc

guest room design via kishani perera inc

via kishani perera inc.

aesthetically speaking: garden walls

although we can’t say that we’ve been blessed with green thumbs, we can safely say that we love a good garden wall. we know these have popped up everywhere lately and we couldn’t be happier about it. we find the color and texture these walls add to a space to be truly impactful. to us, a room without a little bit of plant or floral action can feel cold, so we happily welcome the addition of these green walls to an indoor or outdoor space! another fun fact is that these eco-design wonders actually add more oxygen to your home which is not a bad benefit. we gathered a few great inspiration photos below to motivate you to get started on your very own garden wall! happy planting!

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wanderlust: hotel san giorgio

the ocean, the culture, the food, there really is a lot to love about greece! now you can add another reason: the hotel san giorgio. is it just us or do you too start to feel calmer as you stare at the photos of this boutique hotel situated on the island of mykonos? what is not to love here? the hotel has this rustic chic and minimalist vibe that we are really digging currently and the mediterranean ocean views from the hotel rooms sure don’t hurt. we can’t get enough of this simple and unpretentious hotel. to find out more about the hotel san giorgio visit the hotel’s website and facebook page.

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project diaries: chinatown

we love searching high and low for inspiration for our clients and los angeles is a not a bad place to explore! one of our fave spots in la happens to be chinatown. we love the vibrant colors and aromas that fill the air in this neighborhood comprising of a few blocks. here are some snaps we took while we were there recently shopping for a client. to explore chinatown for yourself we recommend you check out the chinatown website here for all the latest happenings.

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hunt & gather: calico wallpaper

we have always been fans of wallpaper. we love the unique way it can alter a room depending on the pattern, color, or texture it has. currently, we are just fascinated by the interesting array of marble style wallpaper designs put out by the brooklyn based atelier, calico wallpaper. the duo behind the designs, rachel mosler and nick cope (eco paint extraordinaire of green painting) truly are artists in their own right, influenced by nature, space, and versailles just to name a few of their inspirations for their wallpaper designs. currently, they have created three distinct collections aptly titled versailles, lunaris, and wabi. we are eagerly anticipating the incorporation of these marbled masterpieces into our future projects! here are a few great shots of these awe inspiring creations:

via calico wallpaper

to find out more about calico, please visit their website & facebook page!