project diaries: DIY beaded shower curtain

via kishani perera inc.

many of you have asked us about the beaded shower curtains seen in kishani’s vintage remix book (photos above). we thought it only fair that we spill a few diy secrets for our most valued followers! the truth is, this shower curtain is made up of a beaded room divider layered on top of a plain shower curtain! to help you recreate this look in your home please read the diy instructions below:

you will need:

1- beaded curtain, we recommend koyal wholesale’s version seen here.

1- plain white shower liner

here are the simple steps:

1. to start, line the holes of the divider up with the curtains’

2. put the rings though the beaded curtain and plain shower liner to hold both together

3. voilà! and you are done! now wasn’t that easy?


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5 thoughts on “project diaries: DIY beaded shower curtain

    • hi sandy, the header is a solid long piece from which the strings of beads hang. being a solid piece, the shower curtain cant open and close like a traditional shower curtain, but since the beads move so easily, it’s not really an issue. i’ve done this at two clients homes, and neither thought it was cumbersome or irritating!

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  2. I ordered 2 sets of the beaded curtains and they are too long for the opening to my shower..Can they be shortened by cutting the ends off?
    And I don’t see any holes to attach to the plain shower curtain…Just 2 rings on each side of the top?

    • hi sharon! yes, feel free to trim. the set i bought was trimmed as well. some curtains have many holes across the top, some just the two. i had one with the two and attached at each end of the shower and unfortunately the curtain was stationary, but looked great, so made up for that fact!

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