aesthetically speaking: beni ourain rugs

we must admit that we have a bit of an obsession with rugs. a rug that just so happens to be on our must have list is the beni ourain rug. hand-weaved  by the beni ourain tribe in morocco, these neutral colored wool rugs are the perfect addition to any room. traditionally used as bedspreads, the original ben ourain rugs usually included pattern elements that symbolized natural events such as fertility, birth, femininity, and spirituality. some of the weavers believed that the rug could even ward off evil spirits. whether or not this is true, one thing is for sure- we just love the added texture this rug can bring to a room! we know that these rugs have become incredibly popular recently, but we still love them just the same.

via pinterest

given that these beni ourain rugs tend to be a bit on the expensive side. we were excited to see that the friendly people at pottery barn took it upon themselves to create a more affordable version inspired by the real thing, check it out below!

ben ourain rug via pottery barn

4 thoughts on “aesthetically speaking: beni ourain rugs

  1. I have an amazing Beni Ouarain rug that I have to get rid of! Getting married and the new house just does not absorb the plushy beautiful vibe of my 11.5 x 5.5 vintage rug. Do you have any idea where I could find a good blog to post the availability. Am willing to sell it for a super fair price.

  2. Hi. Did you sell your Beni Ourain Rug? If not, would you please send me a couple of photos. I’d love to have it! How much are you asking?
    Thank you,

  3. Hello Im currently working on a clients living area and absolutely love the paint color on your living room wall. May I have the color and brand please? :-)

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