project diaries: hollyridge property

we thought we’d share another great remodel we were privileged to take part in recently! currently on the market, this spanish style home has such charm and character. we really loved finding ways of incorporating the property’s original spanish accents while giving the home a more modern and contemporary feel. we think the result is quite fantastic! here again, we were not involved in the decorating, the house was staged, but were involved in every aspect of the construction process, from building, to designing all bathrooms and the kitchen, specifying all surfaces, finishes, hardware, lighting, ironwork and cabinetry.

to find out more about this property visit the website:

here are some of our favorite before and after shots of the property:

staircase before & after

living room before & after

guest house before & after

dining room before & after

and here are some more of our fave after shots:

aesthetically speaking: bringing nature indoors with the fiddle-leaf fig

with its particularly charming name, the fiddle-leaf fig has to be one of our favorite plants to incorporate in the home. the fiddle-leaf is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive and adds such distinct height and color to any space with its beautifully large green leaves. we look forward to the next space we get to incorporate our “fiddley” friend into! here are some great examples of the fiddle-leaf used in different interior spaces:


via pinterest

via domino

via elle decor

and here’s a photo of the resident (faux) fiddle-leaf fig tree at our very own rummage store! the tree adds just the right amount of green!

arthouse: mister finch

have you had the pleasure of meeting mister finch yet? if not, take it from us, you will be glad we have introduced the two of you. a self-described “textile artist that lives in a fairytale world”, mister finch uses stitched scraps of fabric, paper, and thread to create whimsical animal creatures that are anything but typical. the result is truly mesmerizing and imaginative to say the least. inspired by his surroundings in leeds, mister finch’s creations look like they were picked out of a dreamy woodland we would sure like to visit!

a self portrait of the artist

via mister finch

to learn more about mister finch please visit his: website, etsy store & pinterest!


project diaries: animal games

we love it when objects are re-purposed and used in a unique way in the context of interior design. such is the case with animal masks used as wall art. these unique and one-of-a-kind cultural objects add such whimsy to a room especially when hanging on a wall. we have been particularly fascinated with the colors and textures often seen in cultural masks from africa, thailand, haiti, and mexico, just to name a few. we urge you to try mixing in a mask or two onto a drab wall in your home and see how it is instantly transformed!

available via rummage

available via rummage

via graham and green

via the loaded trunk

below is an example of how we used ethnic animal masks to add color and excitement to a client’s outdoor patio. the result was quite striking!

what do you think about masks as home decor? feel free to share your thoughts with us! we love to hear from you!

beverly blvd series: lawson-fenning

for the final installment of our beverly series, we thought we’d profile another unique gem in our neighborhood, lawson-fenning. their beverly store houses the perfect mix of modern and vintage furniture, and accessories. owners glenn lawson and grant fenning opened the store in 2000 and have been branching out ever since with the recent addition of a concept store in silverlake. these two have truly captured that scandinavian meets california mid-century feel that we just so happen to love. the duo also are the creators of their own line of furniture which is showcased at the store and  is made locally with high quality materials and sustainable woods. we strongly recommend you pay this store a visit, we guarantee you will leave inspired!

for more about lawson-fenning check out: their website & pinterest

lawson-fenning beverly is located at: 7257 beverly blvd, los angeles 90036

beverly blvd series: gibson showroom

you know that store that you just can’t wait to visit time and time again? the gibson showroom on beverly is that type of store for us! gary gibson is the ultimate collector extraordinaire and the showroom is where his unique sense of style best manifests itself. once in the store, it seems like everywhere you turn there is a beautiful vignette awaiting, made up of that perfect mix of vintage furniture, found objects and art. the store is layered and planned in a way that makes our hearts flutter because we truly speak the same language. just a few steps away from rummage, we consider ourselves blessed to have such a wonderful gem of a neighbor!

gibson showroom is located at: 7350 beverly blvd, los angeles, 90036

for more on gibson visit their website here!

beverly blvd series: inheritance

we love discovering gems around our neck of the woods. inheritance on beverly is a rare gem we are almost tempted to keep to ourselves. mike andrews has curated and collected a wide array of magical curiosities and rarities in this shop that feels more like a home than your standard brick and mortar store (which probably has to do with the fact that inheritance is housed in a former loft and store room). from its distressed white walls to its curved archways, so much of what makes inheritance so lovely to visit is its retail space. we could spend hours discovering and admiring the different trinkets tucked away in this unique and memorable shop. inheritance is definitely a must visit in our book. take our advice and visit, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

 inheritance is located at: 8055 beverly boulevard, los angeles, 90048

visit their website here to learn more!