project diaries: villa nottingham

we love seeing a project through from the very beginning to the very end! such is the case with villa nottingham. we were brought on to rehabilitate this gem of a home in los feliz last year alongside architect bobby rees. although we did not take part in the staging of the homes furnishings, we were responsible for conceptualizing the look and feel of the home by selecting all of the surface materials, from flooring to counter tops, designing cabinetry, choosing all fixtures, fittings, hardware and plumbing, specifying all finishes and paint colors, designing the iron work, and selecting the lighting.  this lovely catch is currently on the market but won’t be for too much longer!

here are some of our favorite before & after shots of villa nottingham!

exterior view: before & after 


entry view: before & after 

hallway view: before & after

master bedroom: before & aftermaster bath: before and after

dining room: before and after

kitchen: before and after

exterior: before and after

10 thoughts on “project diaries: villa nottingham

  1. Your work is stunning and the architecture is amazing, too. Totally transformed the house! The ONLY thing I don’t like is that almost everything seems to be paved over outside.

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  3. LOVE the remodel! Could you please tell me the paint color on the bathroom vanity. Love that gray color! Thank you!

  4. Hi Kishani,
    Beautiful work! So much care and thought into all the selection. What color and paint did you use for the exterior wall and trim? Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you!

    • hi jana! thanks so much for your inquiry. we purchased these sconces from ‘shades of light’ but unfortunately it looks like they no longer carry them. they do have some other great options that are similar so we suggest you check their site! hope this will help in your search!

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