project diaries: villa nottingham

we love seeing a project through from the very beginning to the very end! such is the case with villa nottingham. we were brought on to rehabilitate this gem of a home in los feliz last year alongside architect bobby rees. although we did not take part in the staging of the homes furnishings, we were responsible for conceptualizing the look and feel of the home by selecting all of the surface materials, from flooring to counter tops, designing cabinetry, choosing all fixtures, fittings, hardware and plumbing, specifying all finishes and paint colors, designing the iron work, and selecting the lighting.  this lovely catch is currently on the market but won’t be for too much longer!

here are some of our favorite before & after shots of villa nottingham!

exterior view: before & after 


entry view: before & after 

hallway view: before & after

master bedroom: before & aftermaster bath: before and after

dining room: before and after

kitchen: before and after

exterior: before and after

project diaries: tradesmen (and women)

so much of what we do here at kishani perera is a group effort.  there are so many people behind the scenes who help to achieve the end result. we love working and collaborating with local tradesmen to fabricate unique and distinct products that elevate and enrich our clients interiors. whether it’s a custom made table or a reupholstered vintage settee, we are continuously in awe of what our tradesmen can create and transform!

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art house: art los angeles contemporary

this weekend i attended the annual art los angeles contemporary fair at the barker hangar. the fair showcases some of the most exciting art from over 60 different art galleries with an emphasis on those based in los angeles. it was quite fun getting a taste of all the different art styles and techniques that were showcased. what an inspiring way to spend the day!  here are some of my favorites from the fair:

cardi black box gallery, milan

cardi black box gallery, milan

soo kimm, suddenly sees her, surprised, 2012

samara golden, night gallery, los angeles

johannes vogt gallery, new york

dan gunn, fan, 2012

garly lang, atticus, 2009

kelsey brookes, awareness, 2013

john millei, quint contemporary gallery, la jolla

alex hubbard, standard (oslo) art gallery

adam henry, untitled

via kishani perera inc.

be sure to visit the fair if you are in los angeles! to learn more visit the ALAC website here.

wanderlust: adrère amellal

ever since we discovered the adrère amella desert ecolodge, we have been having vivid dreams of desert camel rides, long beaded caftans, and palm groves. situated at the foot of the white mountain in siwa, egypt, the adrère amella seems to be an oasis unlike any other. each room is built in the traditional siwan style in which walls are made of saltrock and palm is used as the roofing material. a note for city dwellers, this ecolodge does not offer any electricity which means no iphones or television, making the adrère amellais, (in our humble opinion), a true desert dream!


aesthetically speaking: coming up roses

here at kishani perera we can never get enough of florals. whether in a fabric pattern or the real thing, you really can’t go wrong when you introduce a bit of flower power into the  mix. it appears that the fashion world has taken note of this as well, with bold floral prints set to be a trend for 2013.

we are big fans of incorporating floral prints into our interior design projects. we’ve gathered our current favorite bold and graphic floral print inspiration for your enjoyment. these blossoms always leave us wanting more!

join the conversation, tell us what you think of florals and how you integrate them into your style.


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malvasia fabric via

diomiri rosa fabric via

tropicana fabric by soleil blue via

project diaries: los feliz

we are currently working on a lovely remodeling project in los feliz. for the kitchen, we decided to paint the cupboards a can’t miss shade of emerald green. mind you, this was way before emerald was christened the “pantone color of the year.” nevertheless, we are glad to see that we are on trend! we can’t wait to see how this project turns out. stay tuned!

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bibliophile: tony duquette, wendy goodman & hutton wilkinson

where to start…tony duquette is and always will be such an inspiring figure in my interior design career. he was a fearless and eclectic innovator who’s over the top lavish style defines so much of what i admire. the man behind “more is more” never shied away from making a bold statement whether in his design of interiors, movie sets, costumes, or even jewelry. i had the privilege of visiting duquette’s home here in los angeles, dawnridge, and it was such a thrill! needless to say, his, is one of my all time favorite design books.


book available via amazon

photos above via tony duquette by wendy goodman & hutton wilkinson, 2007

the man, the legend, tony duquette via

here are some photos i took at tony duquette’s home in dawnridge, be still my heart.

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art house: lisa bartleson

lisa bartleson is a los angeles based contemporary artist who’s twilight series is simply breathtaking.  she studies the diffused illumination of light in the time between dawn and sunrise, and between sunset and dusk. she manages to capture that fleetingly beautiful moment each day, as the light is fading and the sky is doing spectacular things.


via lisa bartleson

it is easy to get lost in lisa’s paintings, but if you look closely, each painting is made up of pieces of acrylic, resin, and mylar adhered in a pattern. when you take a step back, the paintings seem to transport you into an almost meditative state of mind.for more on lisa, please visit her site:


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