project diary: molly’s nursery!

earlier this year i worked with my long time client molly sims, along with the girls at layla grayce, to design her baby’s nursery! as always, the goal was to make the space fun, vintage inspired, modern and chic. i think it was a success! people always ask me where various pieces in my projects come from, so i thought this time i’d beat them to the punch and list all the deets here!

with a palette of blues, touches of pink, hints of orange and crisp whites, we set out to maximize the space and create a magical oasis for little brooks filled with layers of bohemian textiles, adorable animals, clean lines and unique pieces.

this nursery is filled with pieces from some of my artists, vendors and manufacturers making it even more special to me – sharon montrose, animal photographer extraordinaire, john robshaw, brilliant textile designer, and layla grayce, fab online furniture and accessory site! i hope you love it as much as we all do!! xo

*all photos by laure joliet






18 thoughts on “project diary: molly’s nursery!

  1. I adore the Rummage handmade mobile. Do you create any Alexander Calder inspired mobiles…for a more adult space perhaps?

    • hi crystal! unfortunately, not at the moment, but we’re always coming up with new ideas so please check back with rummage!

  2. Love this nursery! Gorgeous color and fabrics! I was wondering if you could share which finishes you chose on the duc duc dresser? Is it classic color in white and light blue? Thanks!!

    • hi stephanie! we are so glad you’re interested in the animal prints, as we love them too! we used the 8.5” x 11” size prints for this nursery since we created a small collage. this size worked great with the scale of the crib! best of luck!

  3. I am creating my daughters nursery and I love the hanging light fixture. Can you share where I can get it and the name?


    • hi clare! this is actually a vintage sputnik light fixture we purchased at liz’s antique hardware years ago. not sure if they currently have any, but you can find various styles of sputnik light fixtures virtually anywhere these days! we usually start with ebay and 1st dibs for vintage lighting needs. hope this helps!

  4. do you remember where you got your frames for the little darling prints? we are in the process of putting a nursery together and are looking for frames. i like that yours are mostly print, less matt & frame. thanks :)!

    • hi kate! these were actually framed through the animal print shop! when you select your print, you can also choose to ‘add frame without mat’ as we did for the nursery! thanks for the inquiry!

  5. Hi, I love this nursery!! You did an amazing job! Would love to have a bumper made like this one. Do you have more pictures of it and know what the fringe is? It’s hard to see from the pictures. Or even the source of who made it for you. I would love to have one made like this for my nursery. Also, I know that some of the pillows are john Robshaw. Where are the others from and vintage boho throw pillows. Thank you so much for your help!!!

    • thank you, cate! it has been quite a while so we don’t remember all of the specifics outside of what is listed there. the additional pillows were made custom from vintage fabrics.

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