one of the great things about dealing in vintage furniture and accessories is that you never quite know what you’re going to come across.  sometimes there is an organized search for a specific item you know is out there you just have yet to come across it.  however, more often than not its an unfocused, constant search for unique items you of all a sudden can’t live without.  in this sort of haphazard, happenstance type of search we all of sudden have a grouping of items for sale in the shop that are all screaming the same thing…


photo by marcia prentice

between the antique lighted circus mirror, small tin carousel, carnival gaming wheel, and chalkware carnival prize dogs, its hard not to get an image of the big top.

via pinterest

while the circus might not be most peoples go to place for interior design inspiration, taking small elements from a larger more garish theme such as the circus can lend itself to chic interiors more than one may think.

photo by ditte isager

this perfectly cluttered little corner evokes the circus in such subtle ways you might not even notice it at first.  on second glance the source of inspiration can be pieced together by the dominant use of red and yellow, and accents of teal and purple.  the flag bunting, animal accessories, and black and white figurine all scream circus.  such a wonderfully creative little space.

what else screams circus? stripes!!

via elle decor

via naka knows

via james plub

while the bold red and purple stripes with leopard print chair and dorothy draper style tented bathroom scream circus in obvious ways; the soft pink stripes and rustic furnishings feel almost nostalgic in their subtle nods to a country barn or circus tent.

feeling inspired? add some pops of circus fun to your decor with our suddenly large selection of carnival/circus themed accessories now available in the shop!