animal decor

decorating with animals is nothing new, in fact they seem to be a constant motif in interior design. while traditional examples of the equestrian chic horse or rustic mounted antlers are a dime a dozen, recently we’ve been noticing animals popping up in more unexpected ways.

via design sponge

via apartment therapy

by using unexpected materials, a graphic scale, or simply by mixing traditional taxidermy with modern decor, these beautiful spaces bring new life to a tired motif.


freshly inspired we’ve been on the hunt for new and exciting animal accessories. check out this awesome assortment we found while shopping for a client!

love the playful quality of this little duo. while obvious for a kids room we love the idea of incorporating these fun prints into a more serious space using them in an unexpected way.  what about incorporating them into this traditional bedroom?

original image via design sponge

ready to experiment with your own animal decor?  shop the amazingly unique members of the animal kingdom currently available at rummage!

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