ariele alasko!

sculptor, designer, and woodworker, handy(wo)man ariele alasko, seems to do it all!

we first fell in love with her reclaimed wood chevron headboards.

beautiful right!!

we just had to know who builds such gorgeous pieces and discovered that there is some much more to fall in love with than we thought – not only headboards but tables and home accessories too!!

not to mention she tackled building an entire restaurant by hand using reclaimed materials.

ariele alasko we <3 you!

translucent concrete!

Allow me to introduce translucent concrete by architect, andrea bittis.  His unique design spin on the traditional concrete wall captures beautiful silhouettes and shadows when light is emitted.  This has been made possible by embedding an array of tiny glass fibers with concrete blocks.  Not only does this product eliminate the heaviness conventional concrete is known for but it claims to be just as durable.  Available in white, grey and black.

Fingers crossed for opportunity to work with this innovative product one day :)



so many amazing pieces of press coming out about the book, i feel beyond blessed!

this week a fab piece came out in matchbook featuring rummage, vintage remix, and me! huge, huge thanks to katie from matchbook for the inclusion in this awesome mag!

also this week, australias’ fantastic adore magazine so sweetly featured vintage remix and one of my projects!!! thank you loni for including me in your latest issue, so excited!

i really am a lucky girl to have all of this support, thanks guys! xo