what’s hangin!

I’ve been enjoying all the fun hanging furniture that I’ve seen around lately and wanted to share some of my favorites :)

The Nestrest is a great new invention by Dedon that some-what resembles an over-sized bird’s nest.

Made up of super strong Dedon fiber guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave this hanging pod is not only open and airy but could also be private and secluded.

I think this is my new favorite place for relaxation, meditation, and open-air conversation!

I also enjoyed this article decorating with ropes where I fell in love with these hanging beds.

The Le Beanock has got the right idea. Described on their website as “womb-like” I can’t wait to jump into one of these.

It reminds me of the 60’s design classic, the beanbag in swing form.

Talk about ultimate relaxation!



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