harland miller!

Smart and funny, Harland Miller’s best known work actually has no image other than the title and a familiar penguin, pelican, or puffin from the old Allen Lane paperback Penguin series.

I could picture any of his pieces looking fabulous in any style decor from old world vintage to ultra modern.

His literature references have me LMFAO!!  It’s official, I’m OBSESSED!!!




Do you love vibrant spaces that combine vintage pieces with modern elements?

If you share the same mix-and-match philosophy as Kishani Perera, we would love to see how you’ve blended styles together to create your own unique space!

In honor of Kishani Perera’s book release, we are giving away two signed copies of Vintage Remix to the top two eclectic designs :)

Submit photos of a space you’ve designed to info@rummagehome.com by April 5th for a chance to win!!


what’s hangin!

I’ve been enjoying all the fun hanging furniture that I’ve seen around lately and wanted to share some of my favorites :)

The Nestrest is a great new invention by Dedon that some-what resembles an over-sized bird’s nest.

Made up of super strong Dedon fiber guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave this hanging pod is not only open and airy but could also be private and secluded.

I think this is my new favorite place for relaxation, meditation, and open-air conversation!

I also enjoyed this article decorating with ropes where I fell in love with these hanging beds.

The Le Beanock has got the right idea. Described on their website as “womb-like” I can’t wait to jump into one of these.

It reminds me of the 60’s design classic, the beanbag in swing form.

Talk about ultimate relaxation!