i was at the design center this past week when i saw what i thought was a pretty, wave patterned wallpaper at schumacher. upon closer inspection i realized that this paper was in fact comprised of  a million feathers, creating this look which drew me in – feathers!! it was stunning!!!

these papers, the nest collection,  are apparently handmade and all the feathers humanely gathered, which is  important. as this process is difficult and time consuming, im sure, the papers are quite pricey, but if able to spring for it, totally worth it! samples are not available, but the entire collection can be seen here

definitely my latest obsession!!!

some examples from the website


my obsession with the confetti system was recently reignited when i caught a glimpse of their latest endeavor, these amazing garlands! i might be a bit behind in taking notice of these, but now that i have, i cant stop thinking about them! i get the same feeling from these garlands as i do when stepping foot inside my favorite vegan bakery, babycakes nyc – the colors, the textures, the whimsy – delicious! you can buy their glam pinatas here, or contact them for details on the garlands.  for me, its love!