i subscribe to several great magazines and love them all equally because they each impart a different perspectives on design, lifestyle, fashion, travel and trends. one of the mags i include in this category is sunset magazine, and last week they flew down from northern california to shoot our offices and my very own kitchen!

i was asked to show readers how to dress a window on a budget, without of course having it look as though it were done on a budget.  this is a common challenge for me as a designer, especially as of late, as custom window treatments can cost a small fortune!  the solution i came up with a few years ago was make what i call “faux romans,” something i’ve used in several of my projects successfully (see photo below).

its a bit of a diy project, so they shot ‘how-to’ photos along with the install of the shades in my kitchen, they looked super cute!

in addition to the kitchen, sunset photographed our offices for an upcoming issue as well, very exciting!

to find out how to make your very own ‘faux romans’ look for my drapery tips in the october issue and pics of our offices sometime next year!


game time!

a few months ago an awesome new client came to us,  kaitlin olson, a super cool and hilarious actress from shows like always sunny in philadelphia, among others.  she was looking to turn a great room into a vintage style game room, so much fun!  of the many things  i love about kaitlin, what i  love most is her appreciation for unusual vintage finds and thinking outside the box.

we’ve already outfitted the space with a black lacquered pool table (with a silvery grey felt, so much cooler than green!), tufted leather sofa, a retro free standing bar and a turn of the century, victorian style,  upright steinway piano. we’ve recently added an antique dress form,  century old magic lantern, collections of apothecary jars and some interesting art- we bought a group of 60 year old shooting targets and had them framed, looks fab! can’t wait to collect a few more unusual pieces to finish off the space, its already looking great!







so for the past 3 weeks, we’ve been doing a fun, mini home makeover. one my very first clients, and dearest friends, molly sims, was looking to freshen up her hollywood home. we opted for a moody color palette, some great linen bedding and crisp drapes to give the space a new look!

here are some pics of the process. it all turned out really well! stay tuned for the  ‘afters’… coming soon!




back in the day

was doing a little office cleaning this weekend when i came across my very first piece of press, the long beach press telegram, an article about ‘cool teen rooms,’ yikes!  yeah, it’s pretty hilarious, oh did i forget to mention, the ‘cool room’ in question was mine!?

long before i had any aspirations of becoming an interior designer i was thrift shopping, refinishing, recovering, and reinventing all sorts of stuff just because i loved to do it. whether is was painting pvc pipes and turning them into ‘art installations’ or taking backdrops from concerts and mirror clipping them to my ceiling, my teenage room was a sight to be seen! often my parents would wake up in the morning to yet another new and startling addition to my room. from faux finished walls, to murals with gems embedded (well, glued), cow print painted furniture, to custom sewn toss cushions cut from a vintage dress,  there was always something new to be seen. i guess i was always meant to be a designer, it just took me 2 decades to realize it! what i find really interesting is that although my resources and budgets have changed for these projects through the years, my style and design philosophy havent really changed at all – i still love a great vintage find, re-purposing a fab scrap of fabric or refinishing a piece i picked up from the local thrift shop.  the more things change, the more they stay the same i guess!