ahh, my very first blog

just back from traveling to one of my fav places, england, for a little inspiration and relaxation. far too many chips, crisps and pints, but totally worth it the indulgence!  had the opportunity on this adventure to explore chelsea, camden and the portabello road for some fun antiques and funky finds.  one of my fav finds on this trip actually was a little boutique hotel, the no 11 hotel, in cadogan gardens.  designed, and stunningly i might add, by paul davies,  this little neo victorian gem made our stay in london fab.  with dark mauve walls, black mouldings, gold accents and rich textiles, this cozy hideaway was the perfect place to call home.

after a few days in the city, we set out for the country, driving no less, which was truly terrifying, to yet another idyllic locale,  the bath priory hotel. with sprawling gardens, charming drawing rooms and luxurious quarters, inspiration ran abound in this country setting.  all we needed was huge grant to come trotting up on a white horse to perfect the scene! bath was the perfect place to relax after an exhilarating time in the city. perfect for a romantic getaway, or a much needed respite, this stunning hotel was a dream.  aside from enjoying the extravagant dining in the hotel restaurant,  we explored the roman baths, the park, and the abbey. the decadence in the architecture at the abbey was a truly mind blowing. i couldnt stop obsessing over the details that covered ceilings, walls and every inch of that space! there is a richness and history in europe that always overwhelms me.

although my trip only lasted a mere ten days, my love affair with england will last a lifetime! my hope is that when i next return to the uk, it will be for a fab project that will allow me to truly take advantage of the amazing  design resources the country has to offer!

a few of my favorite things: marco polo tea from the claridges hotel, the vegan meal prepared by the gordon ramsey restaurant, patridges market, blissful templetree products from molton brown, pimms cups, maoz falafel, shoes from the office, the drive from somerset to bath, amazing architecture and stunning antiques